Worldwork 2017 Registration is CLOSED and the Waiting List is FULL. The seminar has reached full capacity.

We hope to see you at Worldwork 2020. Check the worldwork website for details after January 2018.

Dates & Times

Begins: Sunday April 23, 2017 (9.30am)

Ends: Friday April 28, 2017 (1.30pm)

On-site registration:

Saturday April 22, 3-7pm & Sunday April 23, 8-9.30am

Seminar Cost & Payment Policy

The Worldwork seminar aspires to making it possible for everyone who wishes to participate, to be able to do so. Together we make this possible, by paying the highest rate that we can each afford.

We acknowledge the systemic injustices that could contribute to a person’s economic status. We also recognize the social differences and economic disparities between different regions, individual countries but also within countries themselves. Therefore we have instituted the following payment policy.

Given that the various tables and economic ranking systems available (by the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, etc) do not accurately represent the financial situation of large parts of the population, the countries mentioned in the rates are indicative, and are meant to help you find the rate that corresponds to your particular life circumstances.

  • Donor Rate (1300 Euros) – If your current financial situation allows you to do so, we invite you to pay the donor rate. With this rate you contribute to social balance by cross-financing rate 2, rate 3 and scholarships.
  • Rate 1 (1100 Euros) – If you come from a country with a developed economy (for example, Western Europe, Japan, USA, etc.,) or irrespectively of your country of origin, you have an income that enables you to provide for yourself, we invite you to pay Rate 1.
  • Rate 2 (550 Euros) – If you come from a country with a developed economy that is currently weak (for example, Eastern or Southern Europe, Mexico, etc.) we invite you to pay Rate 2. If, irrespectively of your country of origin, you are faced with a difficult financial situation, we invite you to connect with us at to apply for Rate 2, describing your financial situation.
  • Rate 3 (350 Euros) – If due to very difficult financial situation you require further support to attend Worldwork we invite you to connect with us at to apply for Rate 3, describing your situation.
  • Workstudy (deduction of 150 Euros) – Worldwork is a collective effort and we need help in running this seminar. In exchange for this help, there are a limited number of workstudy positions available. The workstudy is equivalent to a rate reduction of 150 Euros from the rate that you will pay. Workstudy tasks include videotaping, handling the microphones, registration, helping those with special needs, and other admin tasks. Your help may be needed before, during and after the seminar hours. Apply for workstudy by emailing us at, adding a brief statement of need and justification of your request. The deadline to apply is November 30, 2016. Workstudy positions will be awarded by December 22, 2016.
  • Scholarship There is a limited number of scholarships available, for participants coming from countries that are extremely disadvantaged in the global economy (countries with an economy under development, such as, certain Sub Saharan African countries, certain Asian countries, certain Latin American countries, certain countries in the Pacific, etc) and who are in a difficult financial situation, or for participants from disenfranchised groups who are in difficult financial situation, or for participants who come from very disadvantaged financial situations irrespectively of the country of origin or the group they belong to. Apply for a scholarship by emailing us at, adding a brief statement of your need and justification of your request. Scholarships will be awarded as long as funds remain.

Cancellation Policy

The tuition is non-refundable. However, we will return a percentage of the tuition if your place can be filled

Registration & Payment

To register for Worldwork 2017 Greece please fill in the online registration form and make your payment.

Please note: All participants need to register online before the event. The on-site registration is for the sole purpose of signing-in and collecting the seminar material. Money will not be collected on-site.

Online registration for Worldwork 2017 is now open.


If you are registering from OUTSIDE of Greece
Click here to register

Payment method: PayPal or electronic bank transfer to US Bank in Portland, Oregon, USA

You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay through PayPal. Just follow the link that opens from the registration form and use your credit card.

If you do not have a credit card please contact us by email for information on making an electronic bank transfer to the IAPOP bank account in US Bank, in Portland, Oregon, USA. If you chose to pay in this way please include the bank fees.

Please Note: Please DO NOT send money to the bank accounts in Greece listed below if you are registering from outside of Greece. Those are ONLY for people registering from within Greece.


If you are registering from WITHIN Greece
Click here to register

Please Note: Please DO NOT use this link if you are registering from OUTSIDE of Greece. Use the link listed above for those registering from outside of Greece.

Payment method: Electronic bank transfer or direct deposit to Eurobank or Alpha Bank

Fundraising for the Worldwork Fund

If you can afford to do so, please support diverse participation in the Worldwork Seminars by contributing to the IAPOP Worldwork Fund!

Your donation to the Worldwork Fund will help provide lodging and meals, and cover part of the travel expenses of developing facilitators wishing to participate in Worldwork seminars, coming from conflict zones or regions facing social and financial difficulties.

IAPOP is a 501C3 not for profit, non governmental organization registered in the State of Oregon. For residents of the United States, donations to IAPOP are tax deductible.


The official language of Worldwork 2017 is English. We will translate the lectures and presentations into Greek, and we would like to translate them into other languages as well, if possible, with the help of participants.

We kindly request participants who would like translation to their language, as well as, participants who can offer simultaneous translation in their language, write an e-mail to organizers.


Childacare will be provided for participants wanting to bring their children. Costs will be kept to a minimum and shared by the parents and the seminar.

IAPOP & EPEAS admit and welcome participants of any race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation or physical ability.