Facilitation Team

Update March 2020

Worldwork 2020 Musqueam territory, Vancouver BC, Canada which was scheduled to take place from May 23-28, 2020, was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For an update on the next upcoming Worldwork check back here after the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have eased globally.

Facilitation Team

The Worldwork Seminar will be facilitated by an international team of process-oriented facilitators.

Adrián Crescini. I am a seeker and an experimenter committed to life. Over the years I have experienced Diversity in different dimensions on myself. The personal myth that accompanies me is “Skip the ditch”, the dream that has pursued me through my life in which I wake up just when I’m in the air … jumping, never knowing if I will reach the other side. From a young age I made friends with theater, with psychology, with education and other tools that help me in my self-knowledge, to commit to my ideals and to continue having the impulse to jump. I have tried with different formats, schools and teachers. I am Argentinian (from Mendoza) and I live in the magnificent city of Barcelona, in Catalonia. Over the years I have become an “Expert” in the Method of the Theater of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal, a “Committed Student” of Process Work by Arnold Mindell and a “Restless Worker” for equal Rights and Opportunities. I dedicate myself to accompany groups where the space is created for citizen debate based on the principles of “Deep Democracy” and I dedicate to accompany people in the search of their path.

Adriana Vásquez Del Río, MCC, MCFOC. Adriana is group facilitator, executive and team coach who has experience in coaching of first levels in organizations of high impact in the region. She is Master Certified Coach by International Coach Federation.
She has ability to help organizations facing adaptive challenges. Has skills for assimilation of different environments and organizational cultures, by type of business, corporate maturity and/or evolution in their management practices for cultural change. She has significative experience in coaching for high performance teams with responsibilities of impact within the communities which they belong.
Adriana had support goups and organizations in the development and evolution of leadership in executives belonging to different functional areas of stable and changing companies. In addition, she has methodologies for the development of emotional competencies within the workplace in executives.
Her career includes organizational development consulting and organizational coaching in Latin American Corporations. Her background in cultural transformation, training, high potential team building, change management and conflict facilitation doing her an integral consultant and coach willing to work throughout the global diversity.
Adriana is graduated as Psychology and Master of Arts in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change from Process Work Institute. She lives in Bogotá, Colombia.

Alan Richardson is a psychologist and educator. He works in his own Centre focussing on Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling and Research in Brisbane, Australia where he is involved in work on counselling efficacy, grief, loss and trauma and the impact on relationships. He works in private practice as a therapist working with individuals, couples and with the training and clinical supervision of professionals. He is involved with International Association of Process Oriented Psychology and involved in education and skill development of professionals.

Alexander Aris is a graduate of the MAPW and diploma program at the Process Work Institute of Portland, Oregon. Passionate about all dimensions of processwork, he has special interests in nondual spirituality, fundamental cultural transformation, race and diversity issues, and Arny Mindell’s conceptions of Quantum Mind and Process Mind, the subject of his MAPW/diploma final project. A featured speaker at the Science and Nonduality US 2019 conference, the leading North American science and spirituality conference, he also has backgrounds and degrees in philosophy and mathematics. Building on Mindell’s Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics and Psychology Alex’s visioning originates a process oriented philosophy of mathematics unifying new physics and transpersonal psychology. A biracial person of color from a multicultural background, Alex is the co-creator of the first ever retreat for people of color at Breitenbush Hotsprings Retreat and Conference Center, bringing together process work with meditation, movement practices, and other modalities, reflecting longstanding personal practice and experience with retreat in the Vipassana and Zen traditions, as well as the interactive meditation practice of Insight Dialogue. He has also had engagements over many years with diverse aspects of transformational culture, including radical ecology and ecopsychology, new economy, and culturally creative lifestyles and gatherings.

Alexandra Vassiliou, Ph.D. (Diploma in Processwork). Alexandra works in Greece and internationally as a processworker, trainer, supervisor, conflict resolution facilitator, adult educator and community worker. She is a founding member of the Processwork Hub in Athens. She collaborates with public and private organizations, NGOs, schools and universities. She is interested in human experiences, as expressed through the body, dreams and relationships and the connections between personal and social/political change.
Email: avassiliou[at]gmail.com

Amy Mindell. Amy is a process work therapist and teacher in Portland, Oregon and teaches around the world with Arny. She developed the concept of “Metaskills” in the 1990s and has developed process work in the areas of movement, coma work, creativity, supervision, and more. Her latest book focuses on the unique style of the facilitator. She is a singer-songwriter, artist, dancer, writer, and loves to create puppets of all kinds!

Amy Palatnick is a graduate of the MAPW program at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA. She lives in Eugene, Oregon where she works as a professional potter, a black belt Nia (movement) teacher, a writer, and a therapist. Amy is passionate about guiding people towards self acceptance and self celebration. She is currently writing on a book about dating for personal growth.

Anna Burimova (Russia) – psychologist, a DDI student of the second phase of diploma program, I have been studying process work since 2006.
The author and the host of psychological training courses and personal consultations in the framework of integrative approach. I have more than 17 years’ experience in practical psychology. For the last 13 years I have been studying and working on the topics of effective relationship, leadership and conflict resolution. My clients are: teachers, social workers, doctors, lawyers, heads of organizations, specialists in creative professions, housewives and mothers of special children. I have a considerable experience in facilitating parent-child and marital relationship, work with children groups and have launched socially significant projects for kids and adults, have experience in work with training groups of 200 people.
The most essential thing for me in an individual or group work with a client is the ethic of deep democracy. I’m profoundly grateful to my teachers for a spectacular discovery of this effective approach, which helps to immerse directly into the core of human nature. My main interests in process oriented approach are: the art of inner work, unique style of a facilitator and his or her metaskills , the path of leadership or eldership, facilitating conflicts in couples, groups, communities.

Anna Pujol Villarroya. In 2005 I got my degree in Environmental Sciences.
Through the door of environmental education I discovered, a lot of years ago, my passion for social groups at risk.
In parallel, I had ever been passionate about the potential of the groups.
For years I have combined my professional activity between social education in specific groups (especially with young people at risk of social exclusion, mental diversity and women) with group management.
Currently I dedicate myself deeply to group management, to individual therapies, to spread facilitation in Spain and to develop new projects that link environment awareness and groups in the margin.
I’m student in Deep Democracy Institute (DDI) and in Process Work Institute Spain.

Annie Blair Annie is a Processwork diplomate, long time Authentic Movement practitioner, and Social Presencing Theater apprentice teacher. She uses these body-based awareness methods with individuals and groups to tap into embodied wisdom for personal and collective discovery. Her work has also been informed by modern and improvisational dance, yoga, Continuum, and tai chi.
Website: www.annieblair.com

Ann Jacob, B.Ed, counsellor, educator, Anamcara – friend of the dying, and lifelong student in Process Oriented Psychology.
“I work with people and groups on their everyday as well as unusual altered states of consciousness that come during times of joy and grief, creativity and dreaming, conflict and trauma, illness and memory loss, coma, death, and other tender and strong moments in our living and dying.”  ~ Ann offers consultation and experiential trainings in person and online.
“I gratefully live on Lekwungen and Tahltan Territories”
Website: www.comacommunication.com | ann[at]comacommunication.com

Anuradha Deb, PWDipl, Transformational coach, Leadership Trainer. Anuradha is Indian, based in Mumbai, India and has been studying and teaching Process Work for 27 years. A PW diplomate from PWI, Anuradha founded the Process Work Institute of India in 1996, and is currently running programs on Process Work.
Teaching a group of students in India, who will one day be diplomates is a dream come true for her. The impossible has become possible!!
She is very dedicated to World Work, having been on the GPI board for a number of years and believes that the world can be a better place one day…..
She is a World Work junkie and has attended all the world work seminars, except one, and believes that the major learning she has had through these many decades of her life are through these seminars.
She has also witnessed a panoramic change in the fundamental perspective on Process Work over the years.
Her expertise lies in the application of PW principles in Organisations with which she has consulted over the last two and half decades.
When not being in CR she loves to dance, listen to music and wonder about the life in general

Arny Mindell Arny’s background is in languages, physics, engineering and Jungian psychology. He has been developing processwork, or process oriented psychology since the late 1970’s. In the mid 1980’s, together with others in the pw world, he began to develop worldwork and applies it worldwide today.

Ashley Gillies is a process-oriented facilitator and somatic therapist who invites presence + loving witness to the deeper, lesser known natural life processes that are unfolding in each moment in individuals, relationships and groups. Her greatest passion is giving that inherent wisdom the space it needs to emerge to bring about brilliance and the exhilarating spark of surprise. She is a white settler, descendant of folks from the British Isles and Scandinavia, currently living, working and playing on the Unceded territory of the Lekwungen First People. Her background of experience and training include a masters (MA) in Process-Oriented Facilitation, Somatic Therapy and Community Psychology, a post-graduate diploma in Education, Focus-Oriented Somatic Therapy certifications, Mindfulness Techniques with Thich Nhat Hanh, Vajrayana meditation, anti-oppression work and participatory dialogue practices, Nature-based Psychology and Vision Questing with Animas Valley Institute and Pochinko Indigenous Mask and Clown work. She loves swimming, singing and dancing, and has a deep affinity with sea creatures.

Ayako “Aya” Fujisaki, Ph.D., is a licensed counselor and consultant in private practice in Portland, OR, USA. She teaches Process Work at the Process Work Institute and leads seminars and educational trainings in psychology, leadership, communication skills, and group facilitation both nationally and internationally. She specializes in working with depression, trauma, major life transitions, dreams, relationship difficulties, and procrastination. She has also gained a deep understanding of the issues related to cross-cultural and cross-racial communication, immigration and acculturation, racial and ethnic minorities, and cultural and systemic oppression. This specialty arises in part from her research on Asian American psychology but also from her own experiences of living in various parts of the world (including Japan, US, and Germany), living as an immigrant of color, and being in an interracial relationship. One of her current interests is offering psychological training to those who engage in international humanitarian and development activities, and she has been involved in projects with local NGOs in Bangladesh and Nepal. In November 2018, she provided a trauma training to local NGO workers at the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Barbara Burkhardt. I’m a processwork facilitator living and working in Vancouver BC and I look forward to being with everyone and learning together during Worldwork in May 2020.

Barbara Leuner Corpina is Swiss, grew up in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Multiculturalism and diversity of all kinds do matter very close to her heart. She works mainly as a therapist for individuals & groups, as well as an Organizational Development Consultant, Conflict Counselor & Coach in For- and Non-Profit Organizations.
She has a diverse background, formerly studied Business Administration, several systemic & conflict & change management methods for further education and finally fall in love with Process Work in 2008. Since then on-going studies belong to her life. Primarily she studied Process Work at the DDI (Deep Democracy Institute) and is now a Phase II student at the IPA in Zurich.
She supports people in their own personal development and growing processes and going trough traumatic and heavy conflicts in their lives. She also facilitates groups to better understand each other and feeling into other perspectives.
For further information, please check her websites https://www.leuner.ch/ or http://www.blu-beratung.ch/en.

Barbora Sedlakova. My name is Bara and I am phase 2 student of Processwork at IPOP in Prague and PhD student of Clinical Psychology at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. I am a psychologist, facilitator, dancer, researcher and lover of life adventures. I am working on a research by using Processwork to working with body symptoms (as a part of my PhD studies). Also I am on the way to become a clinical psychologist in healthcare system in my country and at this time I am on long term Internship at PWI and RWC in Portland. I am well experienced in psychiatry, social work, crisis intervention, dance movement therapy and I love integrative approach where my foundation is following Processwork paradigm. I am excited about extreme states, body and mental health issues as well as rank issues, facilitation of relationships and groups.

Bill Say brings over twenty years of experience to the intersection of diversity awareness, conflict resolution and community building. His consulting and training experience are with organizations and community groups in the US and abroad including with Alameda County Human Resources and Public Health; Cities of Berkeley, Richmond and San Rafael; Highlander Research and Education Center; Independent Thought and Social Action in India; New Energy in China; Occupy Sonoma County; UC Berkeley School of Engineering, and UN refugee health organizations in the Middle East (UNRWA). He is an adjunct faculty member of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and a former faculty member of the UC Berkeley Extension School of Professional Communication. Bill is a Mindell Process Work Diplomate.
His website is: www.billsay.com

Carol Zahner, M.S., Dipl. PW. I am co-founder of Processwork Latinoamérica, adjunct faculty with both the Process Work Institute of Portland, Oregon and La Escuela de Trabajo de Procesos in Barcelona, and a long time member of the Worldwork facilitation team. As an authorized teacher of Otto Scharmer’s and Arawana Hayashi’s Social Presencing Theater, a tool used in Theory U for sensing the field and discovering creative options for leadership and project development. Authentic Movement and artistic expression have been constant threads in my life and work. My current research interests are: embodied wisdom for leaders; ways of working that honor cultural differences and styles; somatic approaches to trauma. I look forward to working with you all in Vancouver!!
carolzahner[at]me.com | Whatsapp: +12075223600

Cathy Bernatt, MA, Dipl.PW, MA Leadership Studies, MA Conflict Facilitation & Organizational Change, Professional Facilitator (IAF), Professional Certified Coach (ICF).
Living in Japan for 22 years, Cathy fulfilled a vision of helping Realize Unlimited Potential in People & Organizations when she started Creating… which specializes in Conflict Transformation, Leadership & Organizational Development, and Executive, Leadership, Relationship & Systems Coaching. She has worked with a wide range of clients in settings that range from a 47-meter tall ship to the corporate boardroom that include multi-national corporations, NGO’s and educational institutions throughout Asia, N. America, The Middle East, South Africa and Central, Eastern & Western Europe. Cathy’s career evolved by following an insatiable desire to develop deep awareness from the inside out and to help others do the same.
Cathy operates from a core belief that the wisdom and answers to all the challenges we encounter in being alive and being human lie within each individual, system or relationship. Her approach centers around helping people learn to “hunt” from within themselves and the systems that they are part of to find the nuggets of gold that elicit new wisdom and help unfold the challenges that show up into opportunities for growth and transformation.
Cathy’s passions include Japanese taiko, hanging in nature, narrating audiobooks and helping people tell their stories using documentary film as a medium.

Cesar Fernandez. With a degree in Marine Science I start training in group facilitation 2006, after several failures in creating collective projects towards a more sustainable world. I’am a Diplomate in Process Work since March 2019 and I’m also one of the founders of the Process Work Institute in Spain. I work as a therapist, facilitator and trainer. I’m passionate about accompany individuals and organizations to connect with their process and dreams.

Claus Bargmann is a Process-oriented Psychotherapist based in Auckland, New Zealand where he works in private practice. A group facilitator, supervisor and teacher on the Australian/New Zealand Process Work faculty, he also travels and teaches Processoriented Psychology internationally.
Originally trained in Germany where he worked as a lecturer in Social Science, he now combines his love of philosophy with his passion for nature, art, dance, meditation, lucid dreaming and travelling.
A student of Tai Chi and Taoism for over 37 years, Claus incorporates what he considers the essence of these teachings into his counselling and facilitation work.
His creative approach to therapy is reflected in his working space; a cornucopia of colours, books, paints, masks, swords, musical instruments and other sources of inspiration.

David Hatfield is a process facilitator and consultant, specializing in masculinity, conflict facilitation, contemporary rights of passage and improvisational a cappella singing. He lives on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) and Səl̓ílwətaʔ//Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) First Nations in Vancouver, Canada. David’s work has been contracted nationally and internationally since 1998. www.davidhatfield.ca

Dawn Menken, Ph.D, is a certified process worker, group facilitator, conflict resolution educator, workshop leader, and coach. A senior faculty member at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, Dawn has been a co-creator of various Master of Arts programs and supports many of the PW programs world-wide. She is the founder and director of Teens Rise Up, a summer leadership intensive for youth. Dawn enjoys facilitating multi-cultural groups and has worked in organizations, agencies, small businesses, and schools. She is a passionate teacher and facilitator with a special devotion to relationship and building sustainable community. Dawn is the author of the award winning book, Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation, as well as, Speak Out! Talking About Love, Sex and Eternity, a book of essays that explore themes of marginalization, relationship, and the essence of community.

Daya Born in Japan and grown up in Switzerland, I have a bi-cultural background. I do and teach conflict transformative facilitation in diverse settings and places of the world. Special interest and experiences in gender/ sexuality, multicultural and diversity. Love art and meditation. World Work is a powerful approach for me to find hope and courage in deep conflict.
processwork.daya[at]gmail.com | http://changeconflict.com/

Elen Xouvarda. Elen studied psychology in Athens and did her MSc in London where she lived and worked for four years. She came in contact with Process work in 2002 where she participated in the first Worldwork that took place in Greece. She felt fascinated and attracted by Arnold Mindell’ s theory and Process Work in action, since then she has participated in many Worldworks and seminars of Process Work all around the world. At the moment she is studying Process Work in Athens and she is a Phase II student.
She has worked as a psychotherapist doing one to one sessions almost for 15 years. She also has an experience working with groups and NGO’s as a facilitator. In her private practice, she works with dreams, symptoms, and relationship difficulties and has a particular interest in Altered States of Consciousness .Supporting people to “invent” themselves. She has also worked with social marginalized groups such as young offenders, immigrants and refugees, lgbtqi people.
She is interested in bereavement issues (death and its spirit), issues and the dynamics of internal and external marginalization and Social Awareness. On her final project she focuses on how people can access ecstatic experiences, mainly through moving, singing and writing poetry.
She has being guided and inspired by nature, love and the vibrations of the body.

Ellen Schupbach PhD, Dip.PW. Ellen’s loves Process Work, as she feels it allows her to bring love into form, her basis for accompanying others along their journeys in life, and assisting in difficulties that they might encounter along the way. Ellen is a co-founder of the Deep Democracy Institute and feels lucky to work with individuals and groups from different countries and walks of life.
Within this framework she works primarily as an individual coach and trainer, and as a co-facilitator of groups. She strives to learn and practice collaborative methods in teaching and learning and is passionate about discovering new ways of growing together.
She is also an early bird and a lover of yoga, music and singing, and lives together with her partner Max on the Oregon Coast.

Emetchi works with traumatic impact in her private practice in Portland, Oregon, United States,
on skype globally as well as in the streets and parks around her. She teaches and trains in ProcessOriented Trauma work; supervises consults and mentors formal and informal students of PW.
Her highest dream these days involves supporting and challenging herself and Others to harvest the essence of X energies and then alchemise them into Everyday Life. She remains steadily amazed at the unfolding path of crumbs living Life is and deeply grateful for the tools and invitations of Processwork.

Emmanuel Karisa Baya . My names are Emmanuel Karisa Baya born and raised in the deep rural of Kenya in the coastal province. I am an organic farmer and I love farming I am a facilitator in my community. I am Deep democracy diploma student phase2. I am rotary peace fellow Chulalangkorn University, Bangkok. Thailand. I have degree in community development and resource mobilization from Dalc Education Trust Kenya. I a certified in Permaculture and Community Leadership in Japan at the Asian Rural Institute, I am the founder Magarini children centre and Organic farming demonstration farm support orphan and vulnerable children and working wit wider community to address the underlying problem of poverty. www.magarini-centre.org
I also teach the practice of finding Peace From the Soil. Integrating skills as an organic farmer with formal studies and indigenous wisdom, to navigate escalating conflict between pastoralists and farmers into a sustained respect for the ways and lifestyles of what were once seen as enemies tis is peace building in my community.

Errol Amerasekera is Director of Bluestone Edge (http://www.bluestoneedge.com/). He has a Masters degree in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change and works primarily within elite sport, in the areas of culture, leadership and high-performance. He also has a B.Sci., a B.App.Sci. and is a Diplomate in Process Oriented Psychology.
Errol has over 15 years experience working as a consultant, trainer and senior facilitator. He has worked with organisations, schools, NGOs, as well as in international war zones such as Sri-Lanka.
In deciding to narrow his focus to working with elite level sport, he has partnered with Bluestone Edge founder Dr Pippa Grange on a number of key projects, including working with the Australian Olympic swim team after London 2012. He applies his business management experience to sports organisations in Australia and overseas to assist them to manage the complex and competing demands of delivering sustainable high-performance.
He believes that the sporting context provides a powerful forum for transformation in individuals and society by challenging us to continually be the best version of ourselves. He is passionate about creating a safer and more just world for all by mediating conflict, coaching ethical leadership, and facilitating transformation in individuals, elite teams and organisations.

Eva Karia German born and UK based, I’m a cis, white, queer woman and aware of the privileges and challenges that brings. My pronouns are she or they. My partner is British-Indian and with our mixed race daughter we explore the joys and challenges of being a multi-cultural and multi-racial family which also informs my work and engagement with the world more widely. Offering racism-awareness training and challenging the systemic and individual manifestations of racism is a core part of my practice.
I feel very strongly about supporting and empowering people around issues of sexuality, pleasure, trauma and the wider world of intimate relationships. I am based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK and run a monthly Sex Conversations group. I work with individuals, couples, relationships involving more than 2 people and groups. I love Processwork for its creativity, effectiveness and the possibility of play that it brings. www.evakaria.com eva(at)evakaria.com

Eva Sanchez Diaz. Eva is curious, and she has love for creativity, movement and human relationships. She is passionate about body language and its wisdom, and interested in power and empowerment
After having trained in different Alternative Therapies, Bodywork and Creativity and Arts, Eva began her training in Processwork in 2012, to compliment and enrich her practice. She was trained at the Instituto de Trabajo de Procesos in Spain and at the same time at the Deep Democracy Institute.
Eva currently works in different areas; such as facilitating groups of young people at risk of exclusion to promote empowerment and social transformation, and in the field of gender violence, working alongside women who are victims of violence. She works as well as her own private practice with individuals, relationships and groups, helping them in their process of development through facilitating change and awareness.
Areas in which she has been working lately and are of great interest: body symptoms, abuse, trauma, suicide, empowerment and conscious leadership, relationships, life mith, sexuality and couple, power…
She also facilitates different types of organizations in the political, cooperative, educational and social sectors.

Gary Reiss LCSW, PhD., is a certified trainer in Process-oriented Psychology. Gary has a private practice in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and teaches Process oriented Psychology worldwide. His specialties include family therapy, sex therapy, working with coma patients, Worldwork in hot spots in the world, organizational development, and integrating Process work with different spiritual traditions. Gary is the director of the nonprofit The International Peace Group. He has published 11 books including The Dance of Sex; Dreaming Money: and Families that Dream Together, and Love, Power, and Wisdom. His newest book Healing History Breaking the Cycle of Personal and Historical Trauma was published in late 2018.

Gill Emslie PhD Dipl. PW. Gill works internationally as a Processwork facilitator and trainer
across a broad spectrum of sectors, with individuals, organisations, networks and communities. She specialises in running in-depth training programs and collaborates with international and local NGO networks, facilitating large and small multi-stakeholder dialogues.
She co-founded the Institute for Processwork and Deep democracy in Barcelona, and collaborates closely with other Processwork training centres. Her specialist interest lies in the human experience as it relates to social change processes, diversity and inclusion.
When she is not travelling Gill lives in the Findhorn ecovillage in Scotland, an NGO providing training on issues related to sustainability, environment, peace and shelter.
The Findhorn Foundation is an NGO and CIFAL training centre endorsed by the United Nations, on issues of global concern related to sustainability, environment, peace and shelter.

Heike Hamann. Heike loves Playing in and with Life, Nature, Connection, Loving and bringing Process Work into the world at large. She has a gift and many years of experience in translating Process Work and Worldwork into organisational settings, alongside her engineering qualifications and skills. She has lived in many places in the world, and currently lives in an Ecovillage in Australia, in a house that is surrounded by trees and wildlife, including koalas, kookaburras and kangaroos, and in a community of about 500 people. She is currently exploring the intersection between Process Work and the world of intentions … and has recently fallen in love with surfing. Her email address is heikehamann[at]gmail.com.

Heiko Spoddeck, has been involved in Process Work for 23 years. His journey started in Berlin, Germany, and Europe for the first few years and has been continuing in Portland, Oregon. While Heiko was finishing his diploma 12 years ago, his process took him to a place where he could bring in not just his process work training but also his studies in physics and so he has been teaching mathematics at Portland Community College for the last 14 years. His specialty is working with students who have been traumatized by their educational experiences.
As a white, pansexual, female-to-male transgender wheelchair user and immigrant from East-Germany, Heiko often finds himself looking at things from different and multiple angles, which has been helpful in bringing Process Work into a more traditional educational setting. Deeply thinking and learning about the world and its dynamics is one of the things he likes to do most and is what drew him to Process Work from the beginning. As a result, Heiko has developed a style of being present, listening deeply, and consolidating the process at hand into few essential questions that allow the other person to deepen their own understanding of their process.

Helene V. Ramos MA, Dipl PW, CMS-CHt, FIBH, RMT. Helene is a consciousness facilitator, guiding individuals and small groups toward greater awareness by connecting them with the potential and possibilities that lie just at the edge of their identity in the things that most fascinate or disturb them. In addition to being a Processwork Diplomate, she is a certified hypnotherapist, medical support hypnotherapist, Shamanic practitioner, energy worker and teacher, and spiritual mentor. Helene has particular interest, affinity and success in exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness, evolving creativity, spiritual awakening, unfolding end of life issues and integrating difficult experiences – both long-term and episodic – with her clients. She also enjoys delving into the mysteries of the quantum field through research and by leading groups in meditations that connect them with essential subtle qualities of experience, then sharing those qualities with the planetary and cosmic fields. Helene has a private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA and on line. She is also the founder and manager of The Shala Center, a healing community of wonderfully talented practitioners of many kinds.

Hellene Gronda PhD (Cultural Studies), PW Diplomate, has a life-long interest in personal and social change. Born in Greece, raised in Australia, and now living in Portland, Hellene integrates a decade of research into body awareness practices, including yoga, bodywork and dance improvisation into her socio-political, process-oriented analysis of contemporary public policy issues. She has worked in homelessness services, directed a national evidence based research consultancy in Australia, and now leads the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Hiroko Sano. My focus goes to coma work and World work. Head of Japan process work center. My main theme is how we can evolve humanity’s relationship to power.

Ingrid Rose, Ph.D. Dipl.PW. Ingrid’s guiding inspiration for her life work stems from her history of growing up in South Africa, where as a child, perceiving the injustice around her, she decided early on to devote herself to individual and social change. Ingrid has been in private practice for more than 30 years working with a large range of presentations, as well as being a clinical supervisor and group facilitator. She has taught at college level, and has had extensive experience teaching Process Work to many groups in Portland and all over the world. Ingrid has also worked in the field of death and dying assisting patients and their families with the dying and grief process. She also has a long history of yoga and meditation practice and a strong interest in shamanism, adding to the depth of her work.

Irina Feygina, is a process-oriented facilitator and psychologist who supports individuals and groups to deepen self-awareness, strengthen relationships and communication, and embrace conflict as a doorway into discovery and transformation. She is excited to be sharing Processwork and its call to authenticity, presence, and inclusion of all parts, and its welcoming of the unknown. Her passion is working on the human dimensions of climate change – conflict and cooperation, skepticism and engagement, and holding space for complex personal and community processes around this vast challenge. She has worked in government, non-profit orgs, and academia, and is currently developing approaches to climate conflict that combine insights from Processwork and the behavioral sciences. Irina holds a PhD is social psychology and is completing her Diploma studies in Process-oriented facilitation. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Psychology Today, Scientific American, TED, and others.

Dr. Jai Tomlin, is a functional medicine and chiropractic physician, with 28 years of private practice and clinical experience working with the dreaming body. She is a facilitator, coach, consultant, diplomate and facility member of PWI, and a member of IAPOP. She trains and works with therapy dogs that assist special needs children, at risk teens and people with medical and emotional needs. Her passions include coaching individuals and businesses with a focus on health and wellness. She works with people with chronic symptoms in person and over the Internet, using both her medical background knowledge and her dreambody skills. She lives at the Oregon Coast where she organizes seminars for Arny and Amy Mindell. Her hobbies include hiking, gardening and being in nature as much as possible. She is a social advocate for nature and water rights.

Dr Jane Martin, Director of Training ANZPOP. What I love most about my work is providing my clients with a transformational opportunity to grow, learn and develop. I am committed to creating a safe environment in which to build relationship and facilitate transformation. In my role as Director of Training I am privileged to be part of ANZPOP’s purpose in providing the most progressive psychotherapy, counselling and facilitation courses in both Australia and New Zealand. I have been a major contributor to ensuring that our Diploma and Professional Training Courses offer the highest standards in psychotherapy, counselling and facilitation training. This aligns with my passion for education and my personal purpose of building our capacity as human beings to better understand our selves, our brothers and sisters and our part in the world.

Jiro Isetani, MACFOC, Processwork Facilitator. I have been living in in Portland Oregon USA since 1996. I mainly grown up in Japan. I also lived in Indonesia for two years. I offer individual, couple (including non-romantic relationships) as well as family/group (3 or more people) Process Work sessions. I have been studying Process Work for many years and completed a Master’s degree (MACFOC) in 2011 at Process Work Institute. One of my longest profession is in the information technology field so I enjoy working with scientific or technical people. I like working on relationships and supporting people with neurodiversity.
I would like to support all people including those who are gender non-conforming, poly, LGBTQIA and hetero cisgender monogamous men. I work with individuals, relationships, family issues, and organizational development.
My personal interests include contact improvisation and ecstatic dance, earthquake preparedness, Community Emergency Response Team, and amateur radio emergency communication. I have also organized and facilitated community Open Forums and was a table facilitator at Race Talks for 3 years.
I want to create something together which is more exciting than war, and simultaneously more sustainable/regenerative than peace inside, in connections and in this world.

Joanna Boj,MA in Psychology and PW Diplomate,. Joanna works with individuals in private practice, helping people get „unstuck” and unfold their dreaming. She also volunteers at Treetops Hospice as a bereavement counselor. Some of her main areas of work include healing past trauma and abuse, working with the Inner Critic and the integration of current Neuropsychology research into therapeutic practice. A special point of interest is the topic of sexual fluidity and diversity. Originally from Poland, currently lives with her partner in an English village, enjoying walks in the countryside with her dog, playing guitar and reading science fiction books.

John Mulligan is director of Breakthrough Consultancy in Ireland. He specialises in conflict management coaching, mediation, training and organisational change. He is a MACFOC graduate of the Processwork Institute Portland and has consulted widely in public, private, voluntary sector organisations in Ireland and the UK.
Formerly, Director of the Human Potential Research Project at Surrey University, U.K., and Key Associate of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK., he is a Council Member of the Mediation Institute of Ireland and Board member of Dublin Community (voluntary) Services.
He co-facilitated the Political Programme at Glencree Peace and Reconciliation Centre for several years and led various EU funded peace and reconciliation projects as part of the Irish peace process. He facilitates Alternatives to Violence and Men’s Awareness Programmes in Irish prisons.
He has presented workshops on processwork in UK., South Africa, Nepal, Ireland and been a staff member at recent Worldwork Conferences in USA, Poland and Greece.
John works with Irish Travellers, an indigenous marginalised ethnically distinct group in Ireland. He is Chairperson of the Board of Ballyfermot Travellers Action Project in Dublin. Author of several articles, books and reports including Process Oriented Psychology: Advanced Practices for Dispute Resolution http://mural.maynoothuniversity.ie/9865/ The (online) Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis.

Julia Wolfson. I left home when I was 16, and have lived in various conflict zones. At first I wasn’t aware of the impact the war inside me had on my surroundings and other people. I was focussed on battling wars outside of me. Mindell’s book Leader as a Martial Artist showed me how the war on the inside and the state of the world are a two way mirror. Arny’s attitude of friendliness to difficulties shone through the pages and gave me trust. I instantly became a student of processwork. My teachers at the Deep Democracy Institute model this too. I am learning that my life, with all its joys and complications is my friend.
I work as a coach and facilitator in many countries with leaders, teams and whole communities, who provide care and educational services to individuals who think differently, act differently, move differently and communicate differently. I work with people reliant on care and support who teach me what kind of support they want and need. My studies in processwork help me teach skills to caregivers using inner work – slow down inside, be curious, stay in the not knowing, and make space for the other person to shine bright.

Julia Wood. I am a medical practitioner and anaesthetist with many years of experience, both positive and negative, in the medical model. I am also a pilates teacher and a dancer, and I love exploring non-verbal forms of experience and communication. I love splashing in the icy waters of the Great Southern Ocean.
I am a phase 2 student in the ANZPOP program.
I have recently been exploring my own issues around my neurodiversity. I have discovered I have Asperger’s syndrome, and am on the Autism spectrum. I have also been supporting my youngest child in their journey around transitioning from male to female, as well as their own neurodiversity issues. I bring these experiences to the fields of access and inclusivity.
I am fortunate to live on both Warundjeri and Wathurong land in Melbourne and on the Bellarine Peninsula in Australia. I am looking forward to connecting with and learning from worldwork participants in Musqueam Territory/Vancouver BC in 2020!

Kara Wilde, is a Certified Processwork Therapist living in Portland, Oregon where she works in private practice. Originally trained in Australia in Environmental Studies and Natural Therapies, she currently combines Processwork with her love of nature and art, exploring creativity for self expression learning to know ourselves and understand our world more deeply.
Email: kara[at]creativehealing.org.

Kas Robinson, is originally from New Zealand, has lived in Portland Oregon or 17 years. She has been a Diplomate since 2002 and has a PhD in psychology. She is a faculty member at the Process Work Institute. Kas has experience in private practice, facilitation, and leadership in a Behavioral Health setting. She loves process work’s deep respect for the diversity of human experience, for its awareness of power and rank, and for diving into the mysteries and challenges of life. She practices improvisational theatre and loves being out in nature hiking or sitting observing.

Kasha Kavanaugh, has been with the process community since 1995, and has participated as a student and diplomate in seven World Work events. Kasha provides care with a psychiatric emergency services unit in a hospital setting committed to trauma informed recovery. My focus is to create awareness for the individual and myself within the larger community, to join in the dialogue with people in crisis, to gain entrance into their conversation, this is why I became a nurse. As a nurse I am able to penetrate the larger allopathic system. Working in this environment provides Kasha the opportunity to put field theory into practice.

Kiro Żabińska-MacIntyre, PW Dipl, MA in English Studies, MBA, MSc in Psychology, Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.
I am a part of Processwork UK and I also have my practice, ProcessWalk: facilitation, therapy and coaching. With individual and business clients I explore issues related to stress, motivation, inner critic, conflicts, self-esteem, depression, procrastination, middle-age crisis, burn-out and life priorities. I also work with community groups, promoting inclusion based on Deep Democracy principles.
ProcessWalk brings Processwork into a transformative space offered by nature, through walks, workshops and retreats in stunning locations in Scotland and internationally. A signature one is unfolding one’s Life Myth through Processwork and Role-Playing Games, a mythic journey which expands the participants’ awareness of their potential, connection to themselves, others, nature and the world.
I love watching movies, contemplating Japanese arts while drinking shincha green tea, travelling to remote places and wandering through spell-binding landscapes, a meeting place of mountains, lochs, oceans and sky. I still practice an ancient art of reading paper books and I have written and translated articles, books, reviews and short stories. I have been fascinated by the opposites: how they can be facilitated to transform and enrich the whole system.

Kirsten Wassermann Dipl. Process Oriented Psychotherapist and group facilitator and clinical psychologist.
I have a private practice in Bonn, Germany where I work with individuals, couples and groups as well as internationally on skype. My focus is on life transitions that emerge through difficult life experiences such as trauma, abortion, cancer and burnout and on how to develop a sense of direction in life. Since many years I explore the impact of collective and transgenerational trauma and the dynamics behind fascism esp. concerning the German history. This led me to work in Israel since many years, deepening the personal and collective connection. I am deeply interested in how the outer world is reflected in the inner world and vice versa.
I co-found the Processwork Institute in Germany and offer training and supervision for a wide range of professionals. As academic researcher I have conducted different psycho-social studies and published several articles and a text book (2009) mainly in the field of abortion, still birth, griefwork and cancer.
Since 2017 I am joining the IAPOP board and enjoy the international teamwork.
I love gardening and as single mother of three children I explore the challenges and excitement of them becoming adults.

Lane Arye, Ph.D. is a senior Processwork trainer and founding faculty member of the Process Work Center of Portland (now PWI). Whether teaching, working in private practice, facilitating community and organizational conflicts, or learning & training alongside social justice groups, Lane partners with people to help create more inner and outer freedom, inclusion, and wholeness. He co-led a six-year UN funded project in the Balkans that brought together Serbs, Croats, and Muslims after the war to work on ethic tension, post-war trauma, and building sustainable community. He lived in Warsaw, training the first generation of Polish Process Workers. Lane’s been deeply researching whiteness, and leading groups for white folks about race, resilience and repair. He’s also been integrating a neurobiologically informed approach to trauma into his
Processwork with individuals, couples, groups and communities. A singer and songwriter, Lane developed Unintentional Music – a way of using Processwork with the musical/creative process. He is the author of Unintentional Music: Releasing Your Deepest Creativity, and co-author of “Transforming Conflict into Community: Post-war Reconciliation in Croatia.” Lane lives in the San Francisco Bay Area (USA) with his wife and two children, who grow his heart every day.

Lena Aslanidou. Lena is a Social Worker and a Certified Process Worker. She has a private practice and teaches Processwork in Greece and abroad. Together with colleagues she co-founded Processwork Greece and Processwork Hub. Her main interest when working with individuals, groups (and herself!) is the aim to live life with the freedom that comes from being deeply connected to oneself. Lena loves nature and animals. She loves meditation and enjoys spending time with friends.
www.processworkhub.gr | lena.aslanidou [at] gmail.com

Leticia Mendoza Abascal, Dipl.P.W. Certified processworker (PWI Portland, Or.) She has more than 25 years of experience collaborating in different public and business organizations of Mexico and Latin America with training programs related to Leadership Development, Organizational Change, Group Facilitation, Team Building, Executive Coaching and Personal Growth.
She has been integrating the PW paradigm into her work and personal life, thrilled and committed to support individual and group transformation, looking for more loving, enriching and sustainable relationships. She has participated in the organization and teaching team of PW in Mexico, and is part of the faculty for Latin America and Spain. She lives in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, where she combines her facilitation work with private practice.
She is a faithful learner with a profound love for life, enjoys nature, dancing, singing and spending time with her big family and friends.

lety[at]kayros.net | skype: letykayros | www.processwork-latinoamerica.org

Lily Vassiliou, Ph.D. is a processwork facilitator with a background in social work, systems theory and group dynamics. She works in Greece and internationally as processwork trainer, facilitator and counselor. She is a co-founder of Processwork Hub and Processwork Greece, and a faculty member of the training programs of the Processwork Hub in Athens, Greece, the Processwork Institute in Barcelona, Spain, and in Portland, Oregon, USA. Lily’s passion is worldwork. Being acutely aware of escalating tensions on the planet, she seeks ways to be actively involved in working with them. She loves her taiji and meditation practices, sailing, swimming and sleeping outdoors in the summer to the sound of the sea.
www.processworkHub.gr | www.processwork.gr

Liz Scarfe, is Process Work Diplomate living and working on Wurundjeri land in Melbourne, Australia and is a descendant of migrants and settlers, benefiting daily from the unlawful colonisation of Australia.
Liz works in private practice specializing in complex trauma, consults with organisations to integrate trauma-informed principles into their operations, and delivers training in trauma-informed facilitation. She is also a faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology and Process Work Institute India.
Liz is currently studying a Masters of Culture, Health and Medicine (medical anthropology) which she is using to inform work toward making Process Work training culturally safer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

lolo haha, is a group facilitator, conflict mediator, counselor, and artist/activist based in portland, oregon. his work uses theatre, group process, and counseling toward the internal transformation of social activists with privileged identities within the issues they work on; specifically, white people engaged in racial justice work and men engaged in gender justice work. his most recent project gathered a group of white people over several weeks to create a series of theatrical scenes centered around the struggles that white people face when engaged in the work of racial justice. over 100 people attended the two nights of performance of these scenes through an interactive ‘forum theatre’ discussion that asked for a deeper look into how to show up in the work of racial justice more authentically, less defensively and/or frozen, and with the internal spaciousness to be truly present to the needs of communities of color.

Lynn Lobo, is a visual artist, a Process Oriented awareness facilitator and Diplomate. She received her initial training in Australia, and completed her studies at the Processwork Institute receiving an MAPW. She has a background as a body psychotherapist using the modalities of acupuncture and process work. In 2018 she transitioned from a full time private practice to full time artist in order to engage more directly with worldwork.
These days she is lost in paint as she explores her bodily connection to land and ancestry. She exhibits her work regularly, writes a blog and gives artist talks about her process oriented journeys. Born in Pakistan, Lynn is of Goan heritage. She now lives in Australia. She has been working on a graphic novel about Worldwork with her friend and colleague Venetia Bouronikou. She also teaches art practice in Australia.

Margo Elena , process-oriented psychologist. I study and practicing PW from 2004. Since 2005 private practice as psychologist. Since 2006 introducing PW and WW into documentary theater as consultant, co-author and host of theater projects.
IAPOP diplomate 2019, the graduation work is on «Worldwork in the Theatre». Certified Somatic Therapist , Institute of Integrative-Somatic Therapy Diploma, trainer and host of therapeutic groups Moscow Institute of Process-Integrative Therapy (2008-2018). Supervisor and trainer at Process Mind school of process work in Moscow, Russia (2019).
Delivered lectures in Russia, USA, Bulgaria about WW in theater, presented “Worldwork in the Theater” at Worldwork in Poland in 2014 and in Greece 2017 and conducted theatrical project “Democracy.doc” at IAPOP-2018 conference in Dublin.
Author and host of a social psychological project «Internal emigration», performed in the format of Worldwork. Passionate about Worldwork and its integration into theater, social projects and different areas of life. I love ceramics and practicing it at my spare time and also trying to integrate it into my psychological practice.

Marianne Sinner. Diploma in Processwork, Swiss federal Diploma in art therapy and counselling. Since 2002 she works in her own practice in Zurich and Basel – Switzerland.
After her POP-Diploma she startet to work as a dozent, teaching therapist and supervisor at Processwork Institut in Zurich and is since then co-responsible for the school in the management team, since 2019 (together with her partner Stephan Müller) with the focus on the diploma program. She also teaches Processwork in Russia and Germany and in her various seminar activities – also in an intercultural context: www.raum-prozessarbeit.ch and atelier.raum-prozessarbeit.ch
Her career began in the field of painting and design. For many years she exercised this “creative vocation”, first as a freelance illustrator and artist, then as a dozent in the arts department at the Zurich University of Teacher Education.
In her therapeutic practice she likes to work with nonverbal accesses and dreamlike signals and understands herself as “Midwife” who catches growth signals of the client and works at the edge to the unknown. She beliefs that so called “straw” can be transformed into potential gold for everyday life.

Marissa Seiler, is a mixed race Chinese American queer woman. She is passionate about working with others talking about the impact of structural racism and the ways in which we carry a history and legacy of trauma and healing in our bodies. She is interested in talking about race and social transformation on a structural levels as well as our more immediate intimate everyday relationships. She graduated from the Process Work Institute Diploma program in the spring of 2018 and is uses Process Work in hopes of feeling more connected to herself and others.

Martin Hemsley. Martin (also known as ‘Sananda’) graduated as a Process Work (PW) diplomat in 2019. He has a deep interest in healing and shamanism, and at the time of writing is about to publish his book ‘Here There be Soul-Eaters: Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers’, which is base on his nursing PhD ‘Walking Two Worlds’. Martin has been practicing as a PW therapist for several years, and has also been co-teaching PW group work and dream work in Byron Bay Australia. Martin also works as a nurse in the local mental health crisis team.

Matt Stella, LICSW, Dipl.PW. is a process-worker in Salem, MA, north of Boston, United States. He has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 2001, with a love of Process Work since 1999. His work with depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors and relationship challenges has focused on the dynamics of shame, inner authority, and transformation. He leads Men’s Groups and specializes in men’s issues, including the effects of sexual abuse and trauma on men. He is a co-facilitator with MenHealing.org, hosting weekend retreats for male abuse survivors. Meditation, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, creative process and especially family life with his magnificent wife and daughters have all been vehicles for his personal growth. Like you, he has many selves waiting to be discovered!

Max Schupbach, Ph.D. is the co-founder of the Deep Democracy Institute (DDI), a think tank, learning hub and consulting group based on the Process Work paradigm, an inclusive whole system paradigm developed by Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues. As one of Mindell’s early students, he has brought this coaching, conflict resolution and large group facilitation approach to many diverse communities worldwide, including grassroot movements, Fortune 100 groups, government bodies and executives, social activist groups and artist collectives. He co-developed DDI which is active in Europe, USA, the Middle East, North and East Africa and Southeast Asia, Ukraine and Russia. He works with and very much enjoys the diverse co-learning community.
He lives with his partner Ellen in a small town on the Oregon Coast, where he enjoys various sports, organic cooking and reading “off the beaten track” publications on culture and dissident views regarding common narratives for today’s problem.

Meritxell Martinez Bellafont. I am a Social Educator and Economist, I am a Co-Founder and Director of the Association La Xixa based in Barcelona and Member of the Process Work Institute Spain. Multifaceted and committed to Research and Social Innovation, I am expert in the Theater of the Oppressed and also on Diversity Topics with embodied methodologies and Non formal pedagogy . I am a Facilitator of Groups and individuals. I develop International Projects in Africa, Latin America and Europe. I speak Catalan, Spanish, English and French, I love literature, I practice meditation and nature life.

Midori Hirai, is an Independent Counselor and Facilitator for Individuals, Couples, Family and Groups. She has both MA/Diploma in Process Work which is also known as Process Oriented Psychology, and MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change from the Process Work Institute (PWI) in Portland, Oregon, USA. She has been offering sessions and seminars at Japan Process Work Center since 2011.
Since 2013, she has new areas of practice that involves distance energy healing. She is a certified energy healer of Ichigojyutsu.
She is a diverse practitioner and sensitive to multicultural issues including gender, sexual orientation and race. She has a deep silent side that believes in listening to nature and sensing for magical moments in the realm of metaphysics, energy work and process work.

Moises Espinoza, A graduate of the Masters in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change at the Process Work Institute in Portland (US). Originally from Chile, Moisés is now based on the south-eastern coast of Australia, where he is applying facilitation skills in individual, group and community contexts to address inclusion, cultural diversity and cross-cultural issues, in a senior management role for a local not-for-profit organization that provides settlement support to newly arrived migrants, humanitarian visa holders and people from a refugee background.
After a long career in information technology and then in music therapy, and following a long period of travel and life in a number of countries around the world, Moisés is enjoying the opportunity gifted by the Tao, in being able to engage with such diverse communities from all over the globe, in a city which is the closest thing to Home.
The multidimensional Process Work lens is incredibly effective when working with the complex field that brings together the courage, resilience and diversity of these communities, their struggles and stories of leaving, arriving and belonging, which intersperse almost paradoxically with present day Australia and with its own history of colonization and marginalization of its native people.

Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.. Process Work came into my life when I was filled with uncertainty about my path and my identity. Growing up in different cultures with many different interests somehow oppressed me. I felt lost and homeless. Rather than despair, Process Work and my learning with the Deep Democracy Institute threw me a lifeline: to accept the divergent identities and cultures as part of my path and enjoy them as gifts given. This encounter with Process Work gave me renewed hope and confidence to believe in my journey. I learned to facilitate between different parts and aspects inside and outside myself.
I began to apply process work ideas in my work with elders. I became fascinated with a processwork view of ‘forgetfulness’ and learned to appreciate its altered state of mind. Slowly, I understood elders and forgetfulness as my teachers. Their ability to live in the moment without external constraints is a quality I seek for myself. I also believe our world needs this experience of being present in the moment.
My learning now is to bring forth and speak my not-knowing – whether in my work as organizational leader, coach and/or facilitator.

Nancy Papathanasiou, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist (PhD & MSc, University of Athens), and has also studied Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change (MA, Processwork Institute, Portland, OR).
She is the cofounder and the Scientific Director of Orlando LGBT+ Mental Health Beyond the Stigma and the Scientific Coordinator for the 11528 LGBT+ Helpline and trains individuals, groups, and organizations on sexual and gender diversity issues
She is adjunct lecturer in the Department of Psychology (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens) and in the Department of Social Work (University of West Attica). Her research interests include adaptation and well being of groups facing adversity, developmental psychopathology and resilience and has participated in the coordination of a longitudinal research project focusing on immigrant youth adaptation.
Since 2009, she works privately as a clinical psychologist. She is also a group facilitator and a trainer on LGBTQ issues, consequences and combatting discrimination, as well as cross-cultural mediation.
She has coauthored several articles in peer reviewed journals and book chapters.
She is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and holds the Advanced Accreditation for working with Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversities (AAGSRDT, Pink Therapy, UK).

Nathaniel Holder. In adolescence, Nathaniel loved being in groups that wrestled with the big questions of life, exposing our deep potential and creating shared intimacy. It was this passion for group conflict and healing that lead him to earn his MA and PW Diploma from the Process Work Institute. He is involved with social justice movements to end racism and patriarchy and helps facilitate a group of people with access to white and male privilege. He is especially interested in how patriarchy and racism hinder white men from their full humanity. Nathaniel is also a certified Action Theater teacher and loves to merge embodied theater improvisation with process work. He lives in the city of Portland which is the traditional land of the Clackamas & Cowlitz bands of Chinook.

Nick Turner, Processwork Dipl.. As a processworker, I work with individuals to discover the creativity inherent in the difficulties and obstacles that present themselves, and I offer training to groups and organisations. Having been a co-carer of an adult with schizophrenia in Brazil, I have had day-to-day experience of the challenges caring for someone in a society which does not provide much government support in helping individuals become more active and independent, and to achieve a better quality of life.
I moved from the UK to Brazil in 2009 after early retirement from the public sector. Living in Latin America since 2009 has given me many opportunities to study and teach cross-cultural communications and awareness, and study how racism manifests differently in the UK and Brazil. Other interests include the important role of spiritual experience, shamanism and native medicines and rituals in Brazil in connecting people more deeply with themselves, their community, the biosphere, and their ancestral and cultural roots. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, running and playing the piano when I can.

Niyati Evers, MAPW, is originally from Amsterdam. She is a trained Tantric practitioner and has facilitated Tantric Workshops throughout the Netherlands. She completed her Masters in Process Oriented Psychology at the Process Work Institute in Portland.
In 1998, Niyati moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where she lived for 14 years. She was a senior associate to the Center for Conscious Leadership in Johannesburg, where she worked with executive teams focusing on team dynamics, conflict management and race and gender dynamics.
Niyati was a faculty member of the South African College for Applied Psychology where she trained coaches and counsellors in Process Work skills and ran diversity seminars for students working with marginalized groups.
She now lives in Portland, Oregon, where together with her partner Robert, they have an international therapy practice working with individuals and couples. They also facilitate (online) workshops in the realms of relationships, sexuality and intimacy.
Niyati is currently writing a creative non-fiction book about her experiences of growing up in Amsterdam as part of a community of first- and second-generation Holocaust survivors and living in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Nopi Kechaoglou. Nopi studied Social Anthropology in Athens and History in Paris. She has worked for several public and private organizations in Greece as an adult educator. Her main inspiration while working with groups are art and imagination. At the moment, she is studying Process Work in Athens and she is a Phase II student. Nopi loves music and she tries in every way to find her connection with nature…

Paola Esperson. She is completing the diploma in Process Work and a PhD at Anglia Ruskin University (UK), researching on the impact of music and art in educational contest, to promote a culture of peace.
As music and art therapist, special educational needs teacher, core energetics counsellor, she has dedicated her life to promote full inclusion and diversity awareness, using music and art therapy since 1990 . Paola’s research seeks to create a bridge between Process Work and Music therapy in Facilitation.

Peter Ammann. When I came across Processwork in 1993 I was deeply intrigued by the focus on awareness and the philosophical basis that finally integrates psychology, dreams, the body, relationships, groups and ancient spirituality with a deep love and trust into human and collective nature. I observed unpleasant or even painful processes revealing an emergent potential and power which we need for our next step in life. Being an alternative health practitioner and bodyworker at that time it moved me to study Processwork and psychology.
Today I work as a psychologist, process oriented facilitator, supervisor and coach with individuals, couples, organisations and groups in my private practice in Wuppertal, Germany. I was a co-founder of the Italian Processwork Institute. In 2018 my colleagues and I founded the Processwork Institute Gemany. I teach Processwork internationally, train, mentor and supervise students. My initial interest in working with individuals exploring for example symptoms and deep altered states of consciousness such as coma extended into facilitating relationships and groups understanding the necessity of collective awareness and change.
As a researcher I worked in the field of neuroscience and published my book on Processwork’s approach to people in comatose states on a neurological intensive care unit.

Peter Mascher, has been a professional musician for over 30 years, having a lifelong “affair” with his beloved instrument, the viola. During those years his self-realization as a musician turned into a spiritual quest. He investigated and practiced spiritual traditions, energy-medicine and innovative pathways of expanding awareness and consciousness.
The concept of the “dreambody” as formulated by Arnold Mindell became his central practice of unification for soul, spirit and matter. His non-dual perspective of our world forms the core base of his trainings for conflict resolution, health and relationships.
Peter Mascher is a 1rst and 2nd training certified Processworker (processoriented Psychology, Dipl.PWI Portland/USA) and a member of IAPOP.
He has his own practice in his home village, Heckenbeck/Germany working as a facilitator and innovative coach with clients and groups within the private and business sector.
He is also affiliated with one of the German centers for Salutogenesis, working with a non-pathological approach to psychological health.
He is the founder of a company for individual and world change, SEEDPLANTERS, promoting new ways of awareness and consciousness to meet the inner and outer challenges in times of great transitions.
www.seedplanters.com | www.dreamingrocks.com

Pierre Morin, MD, PhD.. My passion is to integrate Medicine and Processwork into my individual coaching practice as well as my public health advocacy work. I believe in deepening meaning by unfolding individuals’ and communities’ stories and narratives. In my leisure time, I play saxophone and love cooking for friends and my family. I love the outdoors and long walks on the Oregon beaches.

Piñeiro Conchi. I am passionate about methodological innovation and I am focused on finding creative ways to respond to the challenges of the context that we are living as humanity, to achieve an ecosocial transformation, which leads us to be more connected between us, with ourselves, and with the ecosystems in which we live. In that search, I apply the facilitation to people, organizations, communities and territories, with very diverse applications.
I am a trainer, postdoctoral researcher and facilitator, with sustainability as the core goal and passion for different methods and approaches. One of them is Process Work and Deep democarcy (advanced Phase II student). Founder and an employee of Altekio, a collective experience of social and solidarity economy entrepreneurship, where we are part of collective leadership in different projects. One of the recent ones is Go Deep game. I have been participating in different social movements for more than 20 years. My experiences in different countries connect me with my search for diversity. Author of more than 30 articles, conference papers, book chapters, etc., teaching in several Masters programmes. Mother and nature lover.

Randee Levine, MAPWDipl., is a Facilitator and Artist who lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a Process Work Facilitator and Teacher who works with individuals, relationships, groups and organizations. In addition to using creative methods in her private practice, Randee formed 361Atrtworks with Jan Dworkin, a process that uses the Arts to facilitate conflict and change. Randee also works as an Artist and shows and sells her work from local galleries.

Rebecca Lang. I am a facilitator and dreamer who loves working with community, industry and government groups. I fell into Process work many years ago and it has helped shape who I am and how I work in the world. It is at the heart of my approach to supporting groups to hear each other, particularly when they have conflicting positions and agendas. I am a graduate from the Master of Arts in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change.

Rhea Shapiro, MA, Dipl PW, works in private practice and on the faculty of the Process Work Institute, Portland, Oregon and the Greek diploma program. Rhea is also a long time physical theater improvisor and a Buddhist meditator. She is always glad to encourage dreaming and sustainable solutions with individuals, relationships and groups. Her chosen “earth spots” are often in the garden, the sea and the desert.

Rikki Bandekow. I am born and raised in Germany. I completed my studies of psychology at Mannheim University in 1992.
Following the university degree, I spent two years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. I worked in the office (as a Workscholar 2) and participated in countless workshops and seminars during this time.
In 1995 I moved to Victoria, Australia. I worked in a variety of roles supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities and later on assessing pre-schoolers for Autism Spectrum Disorder. I started working as a self-employed psychologist in private practice in 2009.
Since living in Australia, I have completed a Gestalt Therapy training in Melbourne, Australia, in 2001. I am a keen POP student since early 2000. I formally enrolled for Diploma Program with ANZPOP in 2012. I am currently writing my final thesis and I am aiming at finishing the course by the end of the year or early next year (fingers crossed).
I speak both German and English fluently and I am a keen animal rights person.

Robert King MSW, Diplomate in Process-Oriented Psychology, has been a practicing therapist for 40 years and was a member of the faculty of the Process Work Institute in Portland since 1992.
Robert has taught Process Work seminars in many different countries, such as the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands on topics such as relationships, sexuality, dreams, bodywork, addictions and conflict resolution. He was part of a teaching team that set up a Process Work training program in Ireland.
Robert has broad experience facilitating seminars on social issues, such as the conflict in Ireland, commonly referred to as ‘The Troubles’. He also co-facilitated Open Forums in Portland on Gay Rights, on 9/11 and on other social issues.
Robert trained extensively in a variety of methods, including couples and family therapy, Bioenergetics, Reichian Work, Jungian Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. He was on the adjunct faculty of Antioch University in Seattle, where he taught Advanced Gestalt Therapy and Family Therapy, and the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland where he taught Counselling Techniques.
Robert is passionate about developing his visual artwork while integrating spiritual and shamanic traditions with his interest in alternative relationship styles and sexual practices.

Ruby Brooks Wyler. I was born August 6, 1945 in Mississippi in the States. My mother was Afroamerican and my father Irish. I attended Kent State University and discontinued my studies after 2 years.
I was not content with my life so I moved to Manhatten to train in merchandising. In New York, I met a Swiss journalist and moved to Zūrich where we married. Several years later, I heard Arnold Mindell at a lecture and knew I wanted to become a student of Process Work.
In 1990 I received my diploma and soon started teaching at the center in Zūrich. I met my second husband, a Psychiatrist, at one of Dr. Mindell‘s courses and now live with him near Bern.
Our work has brought insight, understanding, as well as tolerance to my journey. The Process Work paradigm is an exceptional tool for varied paths through life.

Sergi Peix, Facilitator, Researcher, Trainer, Therapist, Coach and Student with 20 years experience been involved in projects around Social justice, youth education and community work. Member of the core team of the recognized Go Deep Project that connects Process Work with Elos Philosophy to create a Worldwork game for community and group interventions.
My travels and relationships around the world opened my heart and connected me with a huge diversity of cultures and perspectives of life.
I believe in Diversity and participation as a way to create conscious and sustainable communities, and believe that the collective wisdom present in any group is the core competence to solve any dilemma or challenge that may appear on its path.
Due to my curiosity and joy to research and discover new ways on my facilitation training path, I have explored different techniques and tools such as Process Oriented Psychology, Worldwork, Oasis Game, Visual Facilitation, Systemic Facilitation, Coaching, Permaculture, Theatre of the Oppressed, Clowning and Nonviolent Communication.
I have been involved in different projects around youth, refuges, and prevention of violence, Gender, Queer and Trans* Issues with a big experience around this topic, Mental Health, Diversity and Community Building. In this days I’m developing a hesitation for closing my Process Work Diploma around the topic of “Man, Power and Violence”.

Simone Brecht. Since 12 years I am working as executive coach, leadership consultant and organizational facilitator.
Before I decided to change into organizational development, I worked over 14 years in several positions in international corporations in the field of media and internet services. Mainly in leadership positions. The responsibility for a corporate wide transformation process within the German subsidiary made me humble to the challenges of personal and organizational transformation. This experience was my spark to steer in the direction of organizational development. Since I refocused my professional direction, I never stopped learning and exploring this vast and exciting field.
I changed from being a co-founder of a consultancy company to working in multiple networks with diverse teams and international challenges.
At present I am close to my Process Work exams at the Deep Democracy Institute.
Tai Chi is another passion.

Sofia Ilia, MSc, MAPW, PW Diplomate, is a processworker and psychologist, born in Greece and currently living in Portland, OR, USA. She loves, no, she adores nature, rocks, neuropsychology, and pondering on the mysteries of life. She has a deep interest in the dynamics of power and vulnerability. She also takes secret joy in writing letters to the editor, to journalists and radio commentators, voicing her opinion and often objections to their analysis on world events.

Sonia Slany – GrRNCMus and Dipl Processwork Psych. Dancing between life and death since my cancer diagnosis in 2011.
Graduating in 2018, I wrote a dissertation on Cancer, Creativity and Mothering, and currently am deeply processing my ancestral spirits, and how that influences my creativity.
Working with clients and groups I draw on my life experience as a mother, as a musician and composer, a group leader, and a person with cancer. I’m interested in life’s core patterning and creativity in all aspects, using disturbances like symptoms, illnesses, relationship difficulties, critics, spiritual crises, altered states, life and death issues. I am also learning to talk about race, discerning white privilege, and exploring systemic
racism and my part in it.
I bring my facilitation skills into my daily life with my family, my creative work, and in dealing with a terminal illness. Walking between the worlds I follow my shamanic process both deep underground and in my material existence with a passion for life!

Stan Tomandl MPW, PWDipl.. Commercial fisher, logger, mill worker, carpenter, cattle rancher, environmentalist, psychotherapist, process worker, seminar organizer & facilitator, author, editor, community advocate, married to Ann Jacob, parent & stepparent of 7 children, grandparent of 5. “I either stand aside and let the planet break, or I actively bring awareness and action to wherever, whenever I am able, with reality & hope.”

Stephan Müller. Dipl. POP, co-director of the Institute for Processwork in Zurich, Switzerland, teaching analyst and supervisor, works in private practice with individuals, couples and groups, and teaches, also together with his partner Marianne Sinner, Processwork in Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Morocco. A long journey of learning and transformation born of his own struggle with a chronic illness, led him eventually to Processwork.
He is doing research on the healing potential of altered states around music, ritual and trance in Morocco, Indonesia, India and Turkey. Personally he is deeply engaged in the world of trance-healing in Morocco and Sufism in Istanbul.
He is interested on the connection of personal and collective trauma, how inner and outer worlds are mirroring and influencing one another and searching ways how they could work together for the benefit of the whole.

Dr Susan Joy Hatch – B.Sc. Grad Dip Nutr. & Diet, Grad Dip Couns. Dipl.PW, MPW, D. Min., is a psychotherapist, supervisor, facilitator and Process Work trainer. She also assists government and non-government organisations with their leadership and change process.
Susan is co-founder of Process Work Australia and subsequently a founding faculty member when it became Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology in 2006. She is committed to the training of Process Workers and effective, ethical group facilitators, psychotherapists, psychologists, and health professionals. She is passionate about the environment and spiritual development and runs public workshops on Life Myth and Living On Purpose © 2016.
She has been a member of the Worldwork staff team for over 26 years and holds a Masters Degree in Process Oriented Psychology and a Doctorate in Creation Centred Spirituality.

Susan Kocen holds a Diploma in Process Work, and a Masters in Gerontology, the study of aging. She is on the faculty at the Process Work Institute in Portland, and in Private Practice. Personal history and emerging from the genocide of her family, Susan knows that Life is a gift, and getting to participate on the planet a privilege. Using Processwork skills, teaching, facilitating conflict work, dedicating to community service with marginalized populations, working in private practice and in non-profits, with the homeless and mentally diverse communities has been the Path of Heart for the last 20 years. Susan’s deep love of dreaming, of earth, nature, art and creativity sustains and inspires her life. As an identified introvert, getting to experience levels away from and beyond consensus reality has allowed a worldly life un-imagined and deeply lived. She also loves to play, dance, grow food and be under the water.

Suzette Payne, MA, Dipl.PW, is on the faculty of PWI. Besides loving her private practice and teaching Process Work, she helped develop the Open Studio Project, a non-for-profit arts organization and gallery, serving community social justice issues with creative healing and awareness. She is passionate about process work, art, family and ways to support a community field of awareness that helps us connect to the earth, each other and live our deepest creative dreaming for the love and challenges of our World. She currently serves on the IAPOP WW Committee and Training Counsel, PWI Academic Governance Committee and Open Studio Project Advisory Board.

Thierry Weidmann. Born in Canada I grew up in North America and Switzerland and now live in Zürich. After my studies in history and social anthropology the Dao offered me the chance to encounter Processwork and it’s fascinating access to the mysteries of life. Besides being engaged as psychotherapist, supervisor/coach and worldworker I’m also member of the faculty and board of the Institute of Processwork in Zürich.

Tomáš Hochman. I live in Czech Republic, Europe and work as a psychologist and therapist in healthcare. I am phase 2 student of Processwork in Czech school IPOP. My passion is music and I like exploring dreams and walking in nature.

Vassiliki Katrivanou Is a psychotherapist, coach and conflict resolution trainer. Until recently she was working for the Greek Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNICEF for the integration of refugee children in the Greek public schools.
She served as a member of the Greek Parliament (2012-May 2016) and member of the Parliamentary Committee of The Council of Europe (2014- 2016) with main focus on human rights and diversity. Before that she worked internationally (Greece, US, Cyprus, Palestine, Israel, Mexico) as a therapist, trainer and facilitator in Process Oriented Psychology and Conflict Resolution.
She holds a Diploma and a Masters in Process Oriented Psychology, a BA in International Studies and a Masters in Conflict Resolution (Portland State University). She directed together with Bushra Azzouz the documentary Women of Cyprus (www.womenofcyprusfilm.com).
Her work experience in psychology and conflict resolution as well as her experience in politics gives her an insight understanding, skills and tools to deal with complexity, crisis situations, relationship conflicts and team work. Her main interest is how to combine politics and psychology in order to support people, parties and organizations to be creative and close to their vision. She is also passionate about empowering women in their leadership role.

Venetia Bouronikou, MA, Dipl. PW.. Venetia is a Psychologist and a Certified Processworker. She works as a therapist with individuals and couples, as a group facilitator and trainer in Greece and internationally. Venetia is passionate about everyday life Worldwork, on the streets, within ourselves and when communities come together. She is inspired by the way Processwork brings together inner life with the collective/world experience and she has deep trust in the transformative power and the wisdom that emerges through the unique expression of the individual, relationship or group experience.
Venetia loves being in nature, amongst big trees, in deep blue waters, and experiencing the world while walking in the city.

Vicki Henricks, MAPW, Dip PW., lives in a community in the forest behind Byron Bay Australia. Vicki is passionate about bringing Process Work to organisations and communities. She is an active member in her local community and likes to volunteer on key issues that her town is facing such as over tourism, climate change, town planning, and drug and alcohol addiction. She is Director of the Byron International Coaching Centre www.byroncoaching.com.au providing Executive Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy to organisations and individuals in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Vicki is also Director of the Global Coaching Institute www.globalcoachinginstitute.org offering ICF accredited organisational coach training. She enjoys swimming across Byron Bay every day, riding her bike, walking in the forest and hanging our in the local coffee shop.

Viktoria Saat Dipl. Psych., Dipl. PW. – psychologist, process-oriented therapist, leadership coach and facilitator.
Viktoria has been studying Processwork since 1998, she completed Certificate Program in Tallinn, Estonia, continued her studies in PWI Portland, graduated with a Diploma in Processwork as well a degree of Master of Arts in Processwork.
Viktoria is a faculty member for Swiss-Russian Processwork School (affiliated with IPA Zürich), teaching in Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg (Russia). Viktoria is a Board member IAPOP and one of the initiators and coordinators of IAPOP Training Council Subcommittee.
In her private practice Viktoria works in consulting, coaching, training and facilitation with individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations, supporting change, relationships and growth.
Viktoria’s book “Relationship Alchemy” shows how principles of process-oriented psychology can help to understand relationship dynamic. Currently Viktoria’s interest is in the topic of Conscious Leadership and Power Awareness.
Viktoria lives in Tallinn, Estonia and speaks Russian, English, and Estonian.

Waynelle M. Wilder, M.A., became a Process Work Diplomat in 1987 and is current President of the Research Society for Process-Oriented Psychology (RSPOP) founded in Denver, CO, USA in 1987, which hosted WorldWork 2011. She has a private practice in Denver & has taught Process Work both locally and internationally over the past 25 years. She previously taught writing at both the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Metro State College of Denver.

Yasmeen Rubidge I am a founding director of Leadership Pathways, a South African organisation focusing uniquely on the intersections of leadership development, team and systems transformation and the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion. I am engaged by what it will take to lead inspirationally, heal and create in post-apartheid South Africa.
In the early years of South African democracy, I helped pioneer diversity, equity and inclusion at a “Big 4” bank‘s IT division. I have mentored young black people entering organisations and currently enjoy coaching women of colour.
I have co-hosted community dialogues (on race, xenophobia and Deep Democracy) in South Africa and internationally. I am currently the South African facilitator for the transnational Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity program.
I am a mum of a feisty 7-year old daughter. I am intentional about liberating our bodies from the effects of oppressions using the gift of kundalini yoga as one tool. As a black and Muslim woman married to a white and Jewish man, I am committed to living my work. An even more joyful life would include swimming in cool waters across the world.

Yeşim Özben, MA Dipl. PW. Yeşim is a Processwork facilitator, trainer, therapist and artist. Originally from Cyprus, she comes from a minority and grew up in the aftermath of war.
She has a background in engineering and philosophy and worked as a freelance translator. Her passion for personal growth and quest for a conscious and intentional way to relate to ourselves, others and the larger community, brought her to Processwork.
She has extensive experience working on conflict and dialogue, trauma, diversity issues and our relationship with power. Her current research is focused on war and trauma, specifically on how to use different channel experiences in working with trauma and how to include art to further reconciliation.
One of the themes she explores in her art, in her trainings and her work with individuals is remembering our connection to the common ground and the deep insight behind the life experience and creative wisdom that lies within us, in our bodies and nature.
She divides her time between Kyrenia, North Cyprus and Portland OR, USA and works in Cyprus, Turkey, the US and internationally, both in person and online.
email: yeshimo[at]gmail.com

Yuliya Filippovska, DiplPW, MA, lives in Kyiv, she is the director of the global leadership think-tank, Deep Democracy Institute in Ukraine. Coming from diverse fields of corporate communications, startup business development, Hub Kyiv entrepreneurship network building, and organization of international events like TEDxKyiv, Yuliya works as a coach and facilitator in Ukraine and internationally. Yuliya specializes in leadership development, conflict resolution, relationships building, communications, facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogues for vision, strategy, and organizational development. Her current research area is focused on the following theme “Dreaming together: How could mass communications and everyone (as media) in the age of fake news, myths/lies and propaganda, support individual/community/country and global development, using deep democracy approach?” Her DDI diploma thesis was “Entangled: Interdependence between Personal and Community Development”, available at IAPOP website.

Zbigniew Miłuński is a psychotherapist, supervisor and teacher of process psychology. He has been working with individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations for about 25 years. He was invited many times to Polish radio and tv as an expert, gave many interviews to Polish magazines and newspapers. He has provided seminars for men since 2001in Poland and recently in Lithuania. He gave presentation on the subject on TEDx conference in Warsaw, 2015. Since 2013 he has been teaching process work in Cracow and recently in Vilnius. He takes part in teaching programs in Slovakia and Russia. Member of PSPiPPP (Polish Associations of Process Psychology Psychotherapists and Practitioners) and IAPOP (International Associations of Process Oriented Psychology). He loves life and people. He likes walking, riding a bike and making photos.

Zed Xaba is an independent consultant. She holds an MA in Conflict Facilitation and
Organizational Change from the Process Work Institute, Portland USA. Zed is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator. She is a trained Conflict Coach and an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator. Zed has facilitated numerous diversity-related group processes in South Africa as well as works with teams that are experiencing conflict.She co-facilitated a workshop at the IAPOP conference in Switzerland in 2012, and presented at the IAPOP conference in Ireland in 2018. Zed co-facilitated small groups at the World Work in Greece in 20017 She has a TED Talk called; Internalised Oppression: Naming and Peeling Away the Layers of Shame which is available online. Zed is currently facilitating a year long online anti-racism closed group.