OUR VISION for the WorldWork 2020 International Gathering is to explore emerging ways of relating to our most pressing world problems. Daring to dream together, and to find ways to speak up and to connect with what we can be individually and together in our communities. To find the depths, rigor, leadership, eldership, and collective spirit needed to meet the ongoing complex, local and global issues at the edges of our known worlds. 


WorldWork is a gathering of caring folks from around the world joining together to address the difficult global and social issues of our times and to learn and expand our abilites to facilitate these complex conflicts with heart and awareness.

We invite you to join with caring folks in Vancouver BC Canada, to listen to each other, to find support, and to process in large and small groups the issues that are the most concerning to you and to our earth – historic and current and for future generations.

What is Worldwork? WorldWork is a fluid and diverse community of people striving to create Deep Democracy. Bringing awareness and practical skills to work on this critical  time for our planet. Worldwork believes that all people, points of view, and feelings and sides of issues are important to truly attain sustainable change. In Worldwork we listen to the silenced voices.

Worldwork Begininings:  WorldWork has been ongoing since beginning in 1991, a gathering of people from many countries and continents and walks of life, with diverse living conditions and concerns. It is a training ground where together we explore and express the strong emotions and stories and experiences around the  powerful and disturbing issues in our lives and from our home nations. WorldWork participants are open to bringing and holding a container for awareness and learning as well receiving a remarkable training in World Work techniques and creating Deep Democracy.

The open hearted sharing that is welcomed and encouraged brings us together into a relieving wholesome world community experience with pepole who care profoundly and are willing to ‘sit in the fire’ together to learn and find ways to work with the powerful forces that are embedded to prevent change. — We gather to protect our planet – the air, the water, the earth – and together we learn and grow and make connections of sustained relationships and an ongoing network of support.  WorldWork is a place to find and experience the power of a large and growing voice for change.

Worldwork represents hope in hopeless conditions, an approach for working with and dealing with intractable conflict, a way to have a voice in the world, a place to connect with others facing local and global problems.

Worldwork is a leadership and facilitator training ground. Our capacity to work on complex and conflicted issues expands and we discover new information that may unlock the puzzle of a community conflict that we are struggling with and for.

Worldwork is a place for concerned and caring people to come together to deepen in their understanding of the issues in our world and to stregthen our abiilites to engage and educate to create the necessary changes.

Ths WorldWork format offers the opportunity to learn more about the world heart – to listen – to learn –  to dig into the roles that are polaizing issues and holding us back from meaningful and susatinable action.  It is an opportunity to get to know all the sides of issues, bringing out divserse perspective and expereinces and the roles attached to them.  We will work with and address power dynamics, and at least temporarily, embody issues to deepen a sense of community. Worldwork includes hard facts and dreaming, thoughts and feelings, me and you.

Format. During the Internationally facilitated Worldwork conference we will meet in large groups and small groups and one to one.   Our international facilitation teams and the group that gathers will investigate the pressing issues of our times: the impacts of colonization – the global needs to protect air, water and earth – the desparate inequalitiy within world economics.

ISSUES. We are facing and working on a world in the throws of Global Warming, war, mass displacement, globalization, #MeToo and the growing awareness of the pervasiveness of targeted sexual assault and harassment , economic disparities, questions of national identities and borders, the ongoing threat of mining disasters and nuclear disasters, and deep questions about our viability as a species and planet.

Worldwork is a branch of Process Work and together with other methods, addresses many issues: collective and intergenerational trauma, Indigenous rights, post-war reconciliation, {climate change is going out of style – people are leaning towards the Global Warming}  racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia, the refugee crisis, homelessness, and other issues that arise.

WHERE IS Worldwork USED: WORLDWORK concepts are utilized in diverse settings including nonprofit and for-profit organizations, communities, the United Nations, government agencies, educational institutions and war torn countries. Founders Amy and Arnold Mindell, the originators of Process Work and Max and Ellen Shupbach who have expanded the concepts and work of Deep Democdracy  — these concepts have evolved through the work of many international colleagues and contributors over the decades as an inclusive, transformative approach to collective conflict, diversity issues, and community building. With any given issue, WorldWork invites all voices, thoughts and feelings, roles, and power dynamics to discover new meaning, reconciliation, awareness and connection.

At Worldwork 2020 in Vancouver, Canada we look forward to connecting with you, learning together, and Exploring the Edges of Our Known Worlds in order to co-create a better place for us all!


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