Ομάδα Συντονιστών

Ομάδα Συντονιστών

Το Worldwork συντονίζεται από μια διεθνή ομάδα process-oriented συντονιστών.

Συνάντηση Ομάδας Συντονιστών:

Παρασκευή 21 Απριλίου, 2017, 6.30 – 8.30 μ.μ.
Σάββατο 22 Απριλίου, 2017, 10.00 π.μ.– 1.00 μ.μ.& 4.00 μ.μ. – 7.00 μ.μ.


Alan Richardson (B.Soc.Sc (Psych), Grad Dip Counselling, M.Ed, M.Soc.Sc, Dip PW, PhD (Cand)) is a psychologist and educator. He is Director of the Centre for Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling and Research in Brisbane where he is involved in research into counselling efficacy, grief, loss and trauma and the impact on relationships. He works in private practice as a therapist working with individuals, couples and with the training and clinical supervision of professionals. He is currently Co-President of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology, and involved in training and research about the skill development of professionals.

Aleksandr Peikrishvilli. My basic nature and some of my formative experiences, growing up as a feeling gay man in a a former Soviet Republic of Georgia, immigrating to the US at the age of 16 and a family history of Armenian Genocide, continue to be deep sources of agony, growth and compassion that guide me in my work with organizations, groups, relationships and individuals, and being a person in our beautiful and often agonizing world; these experiences are an inspiration for my dream of creating a different world for us to live in, a world that is more of a home, celebrating a diversity of our natures and experiences, inside and out. I am honored to be a part of the community and faculty, locally and internationally that practices relationship with the world anchored in deep democracy and eldership and that values the relationship with the Dreaming aspects of our experience. I am deeply touched to be a part of the Greece Worldwork 2017 team and look forward to meeting new and old friends.

Alexandra Vassiliou, Ph.D. Alexandra is a Certified Process Worker. She works in Greece and internationally as a processwork trainer, group and conflict facilitator and community worker. She is a founding member of the Processwork Hub in Athens. She collaborates with public and private organizations, NGOs, schools and universities. She is interested in human experiences, as expressed through the body, dreams and relationships and the connections between personal and social/political change.
www.processworkhub.gr | www.processwork.gr | avassiliou[at]gmail.com

Amy Mindell, Ph.D. is a process work therapist and teacher in Portland, Oregon and teaches around the world with Arny. She is a singer-songwriter, artist, dancer, and loves to create puppets of all kinds. She is currently writing a book on the unique style of the facilitator.

Anat Lerner, Ph.D. (Computer Science). I am a PW Diplomat (2014), Israel; and a senior faculty at the Mathematics and Computer Science department at the OpenU, Israel (2001). I am fascinated by the power of formal models for deepening processes understanding. My research focuses on speech signal processing – I use mathematical tools to delve into secondary cues in speech that are hard to detect solely by observing, like tiny prosody / pitch / intensity changes.

Andy Smith. Andy is passionate about facilitative leadership and community transformation. He’s a founder of a Scottish organisation Diversity Matters, that works for a more inclusive society focussing on coproduction and deep democracy including social care, health and youth issues. He teaches in the UK and Spanish schools of Processwork, loves deep essence states of consciousness, wild places and long distance cycling.

Anne Murphy. I am a Processworker, a facilitator, and a mental health advocate from Melbourne Australia. My work centres on expanding our sense of normal to embrace the curious, the odd and the exceptional. I bring my experience and training to the world through my own firm Blah Blah Black Sheep.

Anup Karia. I am a processwork facilitator working with individuals and groups for the past 20 years. Am passionate in seeking what lies beyond the boundaries of our identities and in grappling with diversity ( inner and outer). One of my deep interests these days is researching the link between ‘innerwork’ and ‘worldwork. I grew up in Kenya and live in London.

Anuradha Deb, MSc ( Child Dev.), BEd, MA (PW), Dipl (PW), ICF certified coach, is a PW graduate who has been studying Process Work since 1992. She lives and works in Mumbai in India and is the founder of the Process work Institute of India. In CR she works as psychotherapist, trainer and coach with individuals and organizations in India and all over the world applying for now over 25 years. She is passionate about world work and dreams to see “SHIVA’s” dance of changes in a world free of borders.

Arlene Audergon Ph.D. Arlene is co-founder of Processwork UK, and practices and teaches in London and internationally. Co-founder of CFOR, an organisation devoted to post-conflict community recovery and violence prevention, she facilitates in Europe, the Balkans, Rwanda and South Africa. She is author of The War Hotel: Psychological dynamics in violent conflict, Wiley 2005, and various articles and chapter contributions.
www.processworkuk.org | www.cfor.info

Arny Mindell, Ph.D. Arny’s background is in physics, Jungian psychology and has been developing processwork, or process oriented psychology since the late 1970’s. In the Mid 1980’s, together with others in the processwork world, he began to develop worldwork and applies it worldwide today.

Ayako “Aya” Fujisaki Ph.D. I work as a counselor in my private practice in Portland, Oregon and teach Processwork at the PWI and at local University. Having lived in different parts of the world, I’m fascinated by how culture and individuals interact with each other and interested in how Processwork can contribute to creating a more inclusive and multicultural world. My other interests include spirituality, 2nd training, and teaching/learning.

Bea Schönfeldt, born 1958, living in the middle of germany holds degree in Process Oriented Psychology since 2003. She is part of the processwork faculties in Switzerland and Russia. She gives seminars, supervision, individual sessions. She runs a holistic health practice in Wuppertal since 1988.
www.beaschoenfeldt.de | info[at]beaschoenfeldt.de

Bill Say, M.A., is a Process Work Diplomate living in Berkeley, California. He teaches, trains and facilitates at the intersection of diversity, conflict resolution and community building. Bill teaches diversity awareness at the California Institute of Integral Studies and at UC Berkeley Extension School of Professional Communication. His approach is a transcendental and practical one.
www.billsay.com | bill[at]billsay.com

Bogna Szymkiewicz, Ph.D., is a psychologist, psychotherapist and a senior lecturer at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw. She works with clients in private practice, facilitates groups and teaches Process Work in Poland and abroad. She is an author of many articles and books, including “Hurt Feelings. A Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond”.

Boris Sopko. I was born in the east of Slovakia, became clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Later in life I was pulled more and more to the “street” and world to do group work and conflict resolution. I was privileged to facilitate processes of community mediation in the east of Slovakia between majority of the village and Roma communities. Currently I live in Barcelona, where with my partner we are running annual facilitation trainings. I am very interested in transgenerational trauma and healing history. Recently together with Neus we became parents of beautiful son Jakub and invisible daughter Iris.

Brigita Trimajova, Dipl.PW. I am professionally a psychotherapist and coach, I have my practice in Bratislava, we share a psychotherapeutical center with my colleagues. I am a part of POPI Slovakia that provides PW trainings.I graduated as a diplomate in 2015. My final project was dedicated to motherhood as a phenomenon which changes power dynamics in women when they become moms. I love teaching and working with people and what excites me is the possibility to see people‘s process to unravel and help them to live more fully in touch with their vision.

Carol Zahner, MS., PW Dipl. Both the woods of Maine in the USA and mega-cities of Colombia are my habitats! I am adjunct faculty with the Process Work Institute in Portland and the Instituto de Trabajo de Procesos in Barcelona, Spain and director/co-founder of Fundación Processwork Latinoamérica in Colombia. Group work and discovery through contemplative movement are my passions.
carolzahner[at]me.com | Skype: carolzahner | WhatsApp: +1207 522 3600

Cathy Bernatt. Passionate about social & racial justice and what makes us wholly human, I dream, I am because you are. I’m a Process Work facilitator and therapist. My company Creating… specializes in transforming conflict, growing leaders from the inside out, coaching executives, relationships, and systems. Cathy’s NOT ART Art, cooking & “Being” are my deepest loves, the wilderness my spiritual home.

Claus Bargmann. M Econ, M Soc Sci, Dipl PW is President of the Australian/New Zealand Process Work faculty and a group facilitator, supervisor and international teacher. A student of Tai Chi and Taoism for over 30 years, he incorporates their essence into his process work and utilizes them as a guide to daily living: “ Their greatest value lies in connecting us deeply to ourselves and the world around us”.

Dawn Menken, Ph.D, PW diplomate, is a counselor, teacher, conflict resolution educator, facilitator, and author. A long term member of the worldwork staff, Dawn is continually inspired by worldwork gatherings and appreciates the depth of interaction and community creation. Dawn is a senior faculty member at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, a creator of many programs, and served as academic dean for ten years. She has pioneered Teens Rise Up (TRU), a cutting-edge program for schools that empowers and educates young people to step into their leadership, engage in honest dialogue and co-create a more welcoming school community and she is the creator of the Summer Youth Leadership Intensive, a worldwork program for teens. She is the author of Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation and Speak Out! Talking About Love, Sex and Eternity.
www.dawnmenken.com | dmenken[at]igc.org

Daya (Mia Takeda). Born in Japan and grown up in Switzerland, I am a bi-cultural person. Living in Japan as a single mother with 15 years old German-Japanese son. I do and teach conflict facilitation in diverse settings. I love singing, dancing, art and meditation. World Work is for me the way to find hope and courage in deep conflict situations.

Elke Schlehuber holds degrees in Process Oriented Psychology as well as in German literature, history and economies. She is part of the processwork faculties in Switzerland, Russia and the Czech Republic. She gives seminars, supervision, individual sessions and works as a business consultant. Elke was born in 1967 and lives in Southwestern Germany.

Emetchi is senior faculty at the Portland, Oregon school where she teaches, upervises, advises and mentors students. She maintains a global, diverse multi-functional skype practice and works pro-bono with streetpeople and homeless veterans in the park near her home. The Deeper-Down Tao, her first teacher and spiritual core, shapes her existence more than ever before, vexing ambition and serving up mystery.

Errol Amerasekera. Errol is a Business Consultant, Trainer, Senior Facilitator and Director at True North Learning. He has worked with organisations, schools, NGO’s, as well as in international war zones such as Sri-Lanka. He is passionate about creating a safer and more just world for all by mediating conflict, coaching ethical leadership, and facilitating transformation in individuals, communities and organisations.
truenorthlearning.com.au | errol[at]truenorthlearning.com.au

Freema Elbaz-Luwisch. I’m an emerita professor in education at the University of Haifa, work with life stories as both research method and mode of personal and professional growth. Began studying processwork informally in 1998, completed the diploma in 2015. Integrating processwork with my academic work has been an ongoing journey which I’m excited to continue as part of the research team for Worldwork 2017.

Gary Reiss. Dr Gary Reiss holds an LCSW, PhD., and is a certified trainer in Process-oriented Psychology. Gary has a private practice in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and teaches Process oriented Psychology worldwide, now actively teaching in 17 countries. He is a senior faculty member at the Process Work Institute, and brings 40 plus years’ experience to his work. His specialties include family therapy, sex therapy, working with coma patients, Worldwork in hot spots in the world, organizational development, and integrating Process work with different spiritual traditions. He has published 10 books including The Dance of Sex; Dreaming Money: and Families that Dream Together. His latest book is Love, Power, and Wisdom.

Gene Hansen, Ph.D. Gene is a psychologist and processwork diplomate. For over 20 years he worked with adolescents dealing with mental health challenges and involvement in the criminal justice system many of whom were in foster care. For the past 10 years he has worked in a hospital setting with patients facing serious medical challenges. He is interested in Taoism, consciousness, dreaming and healing.

Gill Emslie, PhD. Gill is a Processworker, and director of the School of Processwork in Spain, and RSPOPUK faculty, teaches internationally in diverse settings including social inclusion, community, business and academia, facilitating in-depth training programmes and working directly with leadership teams. When she is not travelling Gill lives in Findhorn, an NGO providing training on issues related to sustainability, environment, peace and shelter.

Grace Walsh. I have been studying Process work since 1995. This is my fourth Worldwork. My first was Greece in 2002. I have experience using Processwork as a therapist since 2002 both as a student and as a Diplomate. I live in Ireland and as well as Process work am interested in all types of dance but in particular Circle Dance. I love people and like working with relationships.

Gregory Vellios. The first time I came across worldwork seminar and Process work in general was in Greece back in 2002. I was 21 years old, where I believe my personal story with process work begun, I enter the MAPW Diploma program in PWI the winter of 2007 and graduated in the summer of 2011. I have participated in the worldwork seminars of 2002, 2006, 2008 and 2011. I am looking forward being in the staff team of worldwork 2017 in Greece.

Grzegorz Greg Zielinski. Grzegorz is Processwork Diplomate. He is also a Certified Coach (accredited with the Institute of Process Psychology in Warsaw). Grzegorz is a faculty member with ANZPOP – The Australia and New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology. He has a strong interest in social issues. He was the co-founder of the Social Dialogue Centre in the Polish Association of Psychotherapist and Practitioners of Process Psychology.

Heike Hamann, was born in Tanzania, East Africa to German parents and lived there for 10 years, before moving to England, Papua New Guinea, Germany and then finally at age 14 to Australia, where she has been since. After studying and working as an engineer she completed two Masters in Process Oriented Psychology. Heike now works as a Project Manager, combining both skill sets. She loves riding her bike to get around and in the past year has kept her free time as empty as possible to make space for dreaming and deep connection with herself and her Beloveds.
Heikehamann [at] gmail.com

Hellene Gronda PhD, PW Diplomate, has a life-long interest in personal and social change. Born in Greece, raised in Australia, and now living in Portland, Hellene brings over a decade of experience with body awareness practices, including meditation, yoga, bodywork and improvised dance. She has worked in crisis support, government policy, and now academic programs for the Process Work Institute.

Ingrid Rose, has her doctoral degrees in social ecology and clinical psychology. She is a faculty member at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, where she also has her private practice. She works in many international communities teaching Processwork and facilitating groups on diversity and conflict issues ranging from environmental conflict in the old growth forests of Australia to addressing violence in schools.

Ioanna Velali. Ioanna was born in Athens, Greece. She is a Dance/Movement Therapy and a Process Worker. Today she works in private practice in Athens blending creatively the skills from these two methodologies. Process Work suits her nature because it creates space for the flow and unfolding of her diverse experiences and at the same time respects the innate wisdom of human nature

Ivan Verny M.D., Dipl. PW., psychiatrist & psychotherapist in private practice in Zuerich, cert. art-oriented supervisor. Member of faculties in Bratislava, Prague & Zuerich. Passionately combining methods & unfolding human treasures. Teaching Processwork & System Constellations Work since 1990 & leading men’s retreats since 1994. Exploring own & other’s edges, mostly defined by shyness or fear. Continuous curiosity is driving him to new learning adventures, like Iceland horse-riding or Hang – music.

Jean-Claude Audergon MSc UniZH. Jean-Claude is co-founder of the original school of Processwork in Zurich Switzerland, of Processwork UK (RSPOPUK) and training programmes in Europe and USA. He practices and teaches in London and internationally. Co-founder of CFOR, an organisation devoted to post-conflict community recovery and violence prevention, he facilitates in Europe, the Balkans, Rwanda and South Africa.
www.cfor.info | www.processworkuk.org

Jai Tomlin. Dr. Jai Tomlin is an integrated medicine and chiropractic physician, with 25 years of clinical experience working with the dreaming body. She is a member of IAPOP, facilitator, coach, consultant, diplomate and facility member of PWI. Her passions include, working with special needs children, at risk teens and people with medical needs, with the assistance of her therapy dogs.

Jan Dworkin, Ph.D.. Jan is a facilitator, coach, educator and artist. One of Arny’s original students, she is a co-founder of PWI in Portland, where she served as the Dean of its Masters program for many years. Jan teaches and lectures on many topics, including diversity, conflict facilitation and relationship work. She is co-owner of 361ArtWorks, a facilitation company that uses the arts to support organizational development and team and community transformation.
www.jandworkin.com | dworkinjan[at]gmail.com

Jenni Schoen is both, a scientist and a processworker. She holds a PhD in Reproductive Biology and a Master’s degree in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change (PWI). As a facilitator she is interested in exploring paths from conflict to deep(er) relationship. Jenni lives in Rostock, Germany, close to the Baltic Sea.

Joe Goodbread. Joe Goodbread is a co-founder of the Process Work institutes in Zurich and Portland. He has written several books on Process Work. He is Chief Technology Officer of a tech startup, Rheonics GmbH, in Winterthur Switzerland, where he lives with his wife, Kate Jobe. He is currently working on a book about the relationship of rank to altered states of consciousness.

John Mulligan, MACFOC, MA HumPsych., FIITD. John is a mediator, conflict coach and O.D. consultant. He delivers training and organisational change programs in public, private, voluntary sectors in Ireland and UK. He has facilitated Worldwork and conflict capability training in South Africa, Israel, Palestine, India and US. He works with Irish Travellers on community development, managing conflict and integrates Processwork in all aspects of his practice. He is a council member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland.
www.breakthrough.ie | john[at]breakthrough.ie

Kara Wilde. Kara is a Certified Processwork Therapist living in Portland, Oregon where she works in private practice. Originally trained in Australia in Environmental Studies and Natural Therapies, she currently combines Processwork with her love of nature and art, exploring creativity for self expression learning to know ourselves and understand our world more deeply.

Kas Robinson. Kas is originally from New Zealand, she currently lives in Portland Oregon. She has a PhD in psychology and is a faculty member at the Process Work Institute. Kas has experience in private practice, facilitation and leadership. She loves process work’s deep respect for the diversity of human nature and diving into the mysteries and challenges of life. She practices improvisational theatre.

Kasha Kavanaugh MS. Dipl PW. RN. As a processworker and a nurse, Kasha is concerned about self care, access to resources and connection to community. Kasha has a big heart and is humbled by all she has learned at past Worldwork experiences. She sees Worldwork is a co-creative process where assessing dreaming together offers the possibility of a deepening awareness of the world.

Ken Matsumura. Graduate of Diploma program (MAPW) in PWI. Board member and faculty in Japan Process Work Center. Certified Clinical Psychologist in Japan. Interested in psycho somatic work, yoga, mindfulness meditation, Japanese energy healing and spirituality. Working with individual, couples, family, and organizations.

Kate Jobe is a senior Process Work trainer in Zürich, Portland, Poland and Russia and a large group facilitator since the inception of Worldwork who currently lives in Winterthur, Switzerland. Early on she worked with the Irish conflict and the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Kate’s passion about performance, art, and somatic experience as Worldwork essentials brings her to the role as Somatic Experience and Creativity Director this year.

Kirsten Wassermann, Dipl. POP, reg. EuroPsy Psychologist Clinical and Health
Kirsten is an academic researcher and has a private practice in Bonn, Germany where she works with individuals, couples and groups. Her focus is on life transitions that emerge through difficult life experiences such as trauma, abortion, cancer, and burnout. Since many years she explores the impact of the German history and trans-general trauma on our present lives and social issues.
www.kirsten-wassermann.de | Kirsten.wassermann[at]netcologne.de

Lane Arye, Ph.D.Lane teaches Processwork worldwide. In the Balkans he co-led a six-year UN funded project working with Serbs, Croats, and Muslims after the war. Author of Unintentional Music, Lane works with music, creativity and stage fright. A founding faculty member of the Process Work Center of Portland (now PWI), Lane lives near San Francisco with his wife and kids.

Leah Bijelic. I am a Scot and a European currently living in Sheffield, England with my partner Milan who is also a Processwork diplomate. My practice consists of therapy, training, and facilitation of public forums and of intra-community dialogue in Sheffield and the surrounding area. I am also, happily, a member of a professional community of Processworkers which we call Processwork Sheffield.

Lena Aslanidou. Lena is a Social Worker and a Certified Process Worker. She has a private practice and teaches Processwork in Greece and abroad. Together with colleagues she co-founded Processwork Greece and Processwork Hub. Her main interest when working with individuals, groups (and herself!) is the aim to live life with the freedom that comes from being deeply connected to oneself. Lena loves nature and animals. She loves meditation and enjoys spending time with friends.
www.processworkhub.gr | lena.aslanidou[at]gmail.com

Leticia Mendoza Abascal, Dipl.P.W. Certified processworker (PWI Portland, Or.). She has more than 25 years of experience collaborating in different public and business organizations of Mexico and Latin America with training programs related to Leadership Development, Organizational Change, Group Facilitation, Team Building, Executive Coaching and Personal Growth. She has been integrating the PW paradigm into her work and personal life, thrilled and committed to support individual and group transformation, looking for more loving, enriching and sustainable relationships. She has participated in the organization and teaching team of PW in Mexico, and is part of the faculty for Latin America and Spain. She lives in Mexico City and San Miguel Allende, where she combines her facilitation work with private practice. She is a faithful learner with a profound love for life, enjoys nature, dancing, singing and spending time with her big family and friends.
lety[at]kayros.net | skype: letykayros

Lily Vassiliou, Ph.D. is a certified processworker with a background in social work, systems theory and group dynamics. Together with colleagues she brought processwork to Greece. She works in Greece and internationally as a process work trainer, facilitator and counselor. She is acutely aware of escalating tensions on the planet and seeks ways to be actively involved in working with them.
www.processwork.gr | www.processworkHub.gr | lvassiliou[at]gmail.com

Liz Scarfe is a Processwork Diplomate, working as a psychotherapist, trainer, and facilitator in Melbourne, Australia. She founded the Melbourne Processwork Centre in 2014, offering personal and professional development workshops, social dialogue events, and community building for people interested in Processwork. In her spare time, Liz loves scuba diving and writing about herself in the third person.
www.melbourneprocessworkcentre.org | liz[at]melbourneprocessworkcentre.org

Louise Warner. I live in north of England – I practise as process worker with 30 years of movement therapy and somatic research. I manage a women’s mental health service, offering therapy and ‘community in the moment’ for women in the asylum system affected by war, trafficking, & torture. I love to sing cycle and be with nature.

Lukas Hohler, M.A. Conflict Resolution and Diploma in Process Work. Lukas has been fascinated with contextualizing Process Work and has developed Empowerment Programs for teachers, youth workers and leaders. He is also on the faculty and management team of the Process Work Institute Zurich, Switzerland. He is passionate about finding ways to create awareness about our differences living in a divided, unequal world and encouraging relationships nourished by the impossible beauty of our diversity.
www.changefacilitation.ch | www.grundkraft.net | lukas.hohler[at]changefacilitation.ch

Lynn Lobo. I am a practicing visual artist, an acupuncturist and an awareness facilitator. I live in Australia and love being in nature. I’m interested in the thread of awareness that runs through my body, creative practice and nature. I love to share this conversation with others. Process work is central to this conversation.

Makiko Tadokoro, MA, MAPW, Dipl PW.. She graduated from PWI with Master of Arts in Process Work and Diploma in 2010. She has been working for Japan Process Work Center as a faculty since 2011. After working for Nagoya University as an associate professor for more than four years from 2011 to 2015, she decided to follow her path of heart to facilitate that each individual/group to connect with their essence/source to create their life.

Marianne Sinner, Dipl. POP, Art-Therapist and Counsellor. Marianne is on the board and faculty member of the Institut of Processwork, Zurich. She offers training programmes and seminars, and works with individuals, couples and groups – in Zurich, Basel, Germany, Russia, Turkey and Morocco. She is fascinated by the common threads in human creativity and personal growth and loves jumping into the unknown to find the golden fish, even in the muddiest of waters.
www.raum-prozessarbeit.ch | www.atelier.raum-prozessarbeit.ch | marianne.sinner[at]bluewin.ch

Marianne Verny, MD, Dipl. PW, own Praxis in Zurich since 1987, faculty-member of IPA Zuerich and POPI Slovakia. Marianne loves to unfold seminars, which are including our rootedness in the creation myths of our elders and to co-create rituals in nature picking up the present dreaming field with the participants.

Matt Stella, LICSW, Dipl.PW. Life is strange, no? For me, it’s been a zigzag path of working in homeless shelters, mental health clinics, bars, activist groups; Process Work (1998-2009 Diploma); private psychotherapy practice since 2001 including focus on men’s groups and male sexual abuse; the journey peppered along the way with taichi, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Buddhist practice, and my beloved wife & daughters! Language: English, Location: Boston, USA.

Michal Wertheimer Shimoni was born and grew up in Israel. Completed her PW studies in the 90’s in Switzerland and is a Diplomate of the Swiss program. Works in Israel with groups, in a private practice and with different states of consciousness. She is one of the founders of the Israel PW training program. A mother and a partner.

Midori Hirai. Midori lives in Japan and has her own private practice as a therapist and energy healer as well as teaching at Japan Process Work Center. She is interested in intercultural relationships, life transitions and energy work. Midori has a silent side that believes in listening to nature and sensing magical moments in the realm of metaphysics and energy work.

Milan Bijelic. Ethnically, I am a mixture of Croat and Serb and my personal history is linked with the collective history of Balkan region. As a facilitator, I am discovering my roots in every group that I am part of. Issues around personal/collective trauma, community development and cohesion have been very important themes in my life. I currently live and work in Sheffield, UK.

Moises Espinoza. Chilean-born, moved to Australia as teenager. Mathematics university graduate, Information technology professional, Music Therapist and MACF graduate at Portland Process Work Institute. Have lived and worked in a diversity of countries and cultures across four continents. Passionate about the wisdom and immense potential of Processwork, Deep Democracy and Worldwork as catalysts and facilitators for global change and healing.

Nancy Papathanasiou, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist, and has holds an MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change (Processwork Institute, Portland, OR). She is the Scientific Coordinator for the 11528 LGBT Helpline and a lecturer in the Department of Psychology (University of Athens). She works privately as a clinical psychologist, facilitator, and trainer on conflict resolution, organizational change, and cross-cultural adaptation.

Nathaniel Holder. In adolescence, Nathaniel loved being in groups that wrestled with the big questions of life, exposing our deep potential and creating shared intimacy. It was this passion for group conflict and healing that lead him to earn his MA and PW Diploma in 2013. Nathaniel also practices Action Theater to merge embodied theater improv with process work. He lives in Portland OR, USA.

Pat Black. lives and works mainly in Scotland where she is co-director of Diversity Matters. She is passionate about social justice and works towards it in her work with people individually, in groups, politically and in lots of creative, fun and inclusive projects check out www.everyone-together.org, www.diversity-matters.co.uk and #godeep project on Facebook.

Penny Watson, M.A., Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change, PWI. I work as a group facilitator, mentor and project coordinator with people who are engaged in bringing about positive change in their communities. Much of this work is centred around cultural diversity, social justice and healing from intergenerational trauma. I also have a practice in nature-based life coaching. I live in Alice Springs, central Australia.

Peter Ammann. On the wall above my desk I have a big poster of Worldwork 2014 in Warsaw because I was and still am deeply moved how a group of 500 people was able to deeply work on and transform long-term and hot collective conflicts into healing experiences and community. As a Processworker and psychologist I have devoted 23 years studying and practicing Processwork together with others to make the world a better place. Please join us!

Pierre Morin, MD, PhD. My passion is to integrate Medicine and Processwork into my individual coaching practice as well as my public health advocacy work. I believe in deepening meaning by unfolding individuals’ and communities’ stories and narratives. In my leisure time, I play saxophone and love cooking for friends and my family. I love the outdoors and long walks on the Oregon beaches.

Rebecca Lang. Rebecca Lang Consulting. Rebecca is a highly skilled facilitator and organisational development specialist, with many years of experience working with community, industry and government. Process work is at the heart of her approach to developing effective ways of working with diverse groups who commonly have conflicting positions and agendas. Rebecca holds a Master of Arts in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change.

Reini Hauser, Ph.D., psychotherapist ASP. Reini is a close associate of Drs. Amy and Arnold Mindell. Board member of the Institute for Processwork Zurich, he is a senior trainer, analyst and supervisor supporting creative change processes with individuals, couples, teams and groups in organizations, business and universities (e.g. ETH Zurich) for the past 25 years. He has written articles on addiction and Worldwork, a facilitation methodology for working with small, large and very large groups. Reini has worked in 30+ countries worldwide and leads KonfliktFest training programmes in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Croatia, among many places.

Rhea. I have been studying and practicing Process Work for a long time now. Worldwork has always had a special place in my heart. As an old activist it is always a great practice and often a great challenge to sit in the fire and hear all the voices. And I am always learning to trust the wisdom of the process happening in the moment.

Rho Sandberg. Worldwork has deeply informed Rho’s practice as an organisational development consultant, executive coach, conflict management coach and mediator. She deeply values its support for marginalised voices and role in working with complexity and emergence. Rho is a founder of the Global Coaching Institute offering internationally accredited coach training based in Processwork. She holds a Masters in Organisational Change and Conflict Facilitation (PWI).
www.globalcoachinginstitute.org | www.cleconsulting.com.au | rho[at]globalcoachinginstitute.org

Sebastian Elsaesser Dipl. Psych. Psychotherapist, Tadokoro training analyst, supervisor in prosesswork in Stuttgart. Participating in Zurich since 1981, before formal foundation of processwork. Previously co-director of a psychosomatic medicine hospital, Training and work in organisational development. Founder, coordinator of the training curriculum processwork, South Germany. Research and teaching in altered states of consciousness and healing in Brazil and coma work in hospitals. Conflict resolution and worldwork in various cultures. Foundation of an open school for meditation and acting in the world.

Slavka Takacova. I am a psychotherapist with private practice in Bratislava, for several years involved in co-leading the processwork organization in Slovakia. In my work I am interested in personal development, authenticity, diversity and a topic of home. When I have free time, I like hiking in the nature, reading and handcrafts.

Sofia Ilia, MSc, MAPW, is a processworker and psychologist living on planet earth. She loves, no, she adores rocks, neuropsychology and pondering on the mysteries of life. She has a deep interest in the dynamics of power and vulnerability. She also takes secret joy in writing letters to the editor, to journalists and radio commentators, voicing her opinion and often objections to their analysis on world events.

Stephan Müller, Dipl. POP, Counsellor, board and faculty member of the Institute for Processwork, Zurich (IPA). Stephan, works with individuals, couples, and groups. He is teaching Processwork in Sitzerland, Germany, Russia, Turkey and Morocco. He researches the healing potential of altered states of consciousness particularly around music, ritual and trance in different cultures in the world. He is interested in researching how inner and outer worlds depend on and influence one another and can work together to benefit for the whole.
www.raum-prozessarbeit.ch | s.mueller[at]datacomm.ch

Susan Hatch. Dr Susan Hatch is a psychotherapist, supervisor, facilitator and Process Work trainer. A founding faculty member of Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology, Susan is committed to the training of effective and ethical group facilitators, psychotherapists, psychologists, and health professionals, and is passionate about spiritual development. She also assists government agencies and NGO’s with their leadership and change process.

Susan Kocen MA, Dipl PW graduated from PWI in 2005 and has lived in Portland since 1998. Her work includes counseling and facilitating in the Mental Diversity, Community Building, Marginality and Social Justice fields. From England via Australia, she is a long time activist for environmental issues, an Acupuncturist , an Artist and a nature loving, dream fanatic.

Suzette Payne, MA, Dipl.PW, and Faculty PWI. Besides loving my private practice, family and teaching Process Work, I helped develop and taught at the Open Studio Project, a non-for-profit arts organization and gallery, serving community social justice issues. I am passionate about process, art, and co-creating a community, that lives the deepest dreaming for self and the world. I currently serve on the IAPOP, WW Committee.

Sylvia Ondrisova, PhD., Dipl PW. I work as a psychotherapist, facilitator and trainer in Bratislava, Slovakia. ?I co-lead the Process Work Institute POPI-Slovakia and I’m a member of the Slovak PW Training Faculty. As a lecturer I like to focus on issues in which we as a society need a change (diversity issues, conflicts, power, leadership…). I cooperate with profit & non-profit organizations and schools.I live with my husband Matus and I love nature and horse riding.

Thierry Weidmann. I grew up in North ?µerica and Switzerland and live in Zürich. After my studies in history and social anthropology the Dao offered me the chance to encounter Processwork and it’s fascinating access to the mysteries of life. Besides being engaged as psychotherapist, supervisor and worldworker I’m also member of the faculty and board of the Institute of Processwork in Zürich.

Vassiliki Katrivanou. served as a member of the Greek Parliament (June 2012-May 2016) and member of The Council of Europe (2014-May 2016) with main focus on human rights. She works internationally as a therapist, trainer and facilitator in Process Work and Conflict Resolution. She is a certified Processworker and holds BA in International Studies and a Master in Conflict Resolution (Portland State University). She directed together with Bushra Azzouz the documentary Women of Cyprus www.womenofcyprusfilm.com

Venetia Bouronikou, MA, Dipl. PW. Venetia is a Psychologist and a Processworker. She is inspired by the way Processwork brings together inner life with the collective/world experience and she has deep trust in the transformative power and deep understanding that emerges when people and communities come together. Venetia loves being in nature, amongst big trees, in deep blue waters, and experiencing the world while walking in the city.

Vicki Henricks (MAPW, Dip PW) from Byron Bay Australia. Vicki is passionate about bringing Process Work to organisations and communities. She is Director of the Byron International Coaching Centre providing Executive Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy to organisations and individuals in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Vicki is also Director of the Global Coaching Institute offering ICF accredited organisational coach training.

Waynelle Wilder, M.A., became a Process Work Diplomat, 1987, the same year she and a local colleague, Suzanne Springs, founded the not-for-profit corporation, Research Society for Process-Oriented Psychology, Inc. (RSPOP) 501(c)(3), which sponsored a Portland Intensive Course, l988, and co-sponsored with GPI, WorldWork 2011 in Denver, Colorado, USA, as well as numerous projects to enhance Process Work learning. Besides her passion for Process Work and WorldWork, she feeds her soul in the high mountains of Colorado every chance she gets!

Yesim Özben. Yesim is an artist and a processwork therapist. She is from Cyprus and comes from a minority and grew up in the aftermath of a war. As well as being passionate about working on power and our relationship to power and silencers, she is fascinated by the challenge of staying connected to our deep spiritual experiences while going through our day to day reality.

Zed Xaba is an independent consultant. She holds an MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change from the Process Work Institute, Portland USA. She is a trained Conflict Coach and an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator. Zed has facilitated numerous diversity-related group processes in South Africa. She co-facilitated a workshop at the IAPOP conference in Switzerland in 2012.


Alex Aris. I am a phase two student completing my Masters in Process Work at the Process Work Institute in Portland Oregon. I am passionately interested in every aspect of Process Work and am currently writing my master’s thesis/ final project on Quantum Mind, which also draws on my prior backgrounds in philosophy and mathematics.

Alexey Razumov. Alexey was born and grew up in Siberia. He used to work in the field of experimental physics and also in the corporate business. Alexey started to study process work in Moscow since 2008. He completed MAPW program in PWI (Portland) and graduated in February 2017. Alexey consults individuals, couples and works with groups. In his workshops he focuses on issues of sexuality, shamanism and personal growth. Alexey loves to play music on the piano and ethnic instruments. He feels the passion for traveling, teaching and learning.

Amy Palatnick is a graduate of the MAPW program at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA. She is a professional potter, a Nia (movement) teacher, a poet/writer, and a therapist. Amy is most recently putting her energy into a program she developed called the Do What You Love Project, a career transition class/workshop based on Process Work exploration.

Andrej Jelenik I´m a psychologist, trainer and part of the directory of POPI-Slovakia living and working in Bratislava, Slovakia. As a processwork phase II student, I´m currently very fascinated by the interplay of power and vulnerability. I´m also studying the parallels between deep democracy and mindfulness and compassion based approaches, which I also teach with groups and individuals.

Anna Audrlická. Anna completed studies in Management and Supervision at Charles University in Prague. She finished long-term training in Art Therapy, Coaching, Facilitation and other subjects. She is a student of diploma training (Phase 2), a board member of Institute of Process Oriented Psychology in the Czech Republic. She works in the Social Clinic as its director, and she enjoys her work.

Anna Boix Lladó. I’m a phase II student in Barcelona. I studied Biology and Peace Culture before meeting Process Work, always pushed by understanding the magic and the complexity of life. I’m mostly working with groups of women, with teenagers around gender issues and conflict management, and start training teachers in conflict management. I’m interested in transgenerational trauma.

Anna Pujol. I’m Environmental Sciences Graduate. I began my career as an environmental educator, where I discovered my next challenging step new inside social education field. This passion, coupled with my experience in grassroots movements, pushed me to find my current vocation: facilitation applied to group and personal relationships. I’m currently studying phase 2 with both DDI and Barcelona’s Institute. I’m working as a facilitator, therapist and trainer and feel particularly passionate with working with groups which are on the margins of society.

Barbara Leuner Corpina is Swiss, grew up in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Multiculturalism and diversity do matter very close to her heart. She works as an Organizational Development Consultant, Conflict Counselor, Coach & Therapist in different business areas, in For- and Non-Profit Organizations and with private individuals. She has a diverse background, formerly studied Business Administration and fall in love with Processwork/Deep Democracy in 2008. Since then on-going studies belong to her life.
www.blu-beratung.ch/en | B.leuner[at]blu-beratung.ch

César Fernández. With a degree in Marine Science I start training in group facilitation 2006, after several failures in creating collective projects towards a more sustainable world. Since 2011 I am studying within the Diploma Program and I’m also one of the founders of the Process Work Institute in Spain. I work as a therapist, facilitator and trainer. I’m passionate about accompany individuals and organizations to connect with their process and dreams.
www.cesarfernandez.co | info[at]cesarfernandez.co

Eva Karia. I’ve been studying Processwork since my first Worldwork in London 2007 which blew my mind. I love facilitation and continuously grapple with exploring the unknown. I work as a facilitator, am a mother, identify as queer, am married, am German, love dancing, nature, sport, live in the UK in a mixed family and am very excited to be assisting at Worldwork.

Eva Sanchez is passionated in the movement language, art and creativity, and she is interested in relationships, empowerment and issues of marginalization. At present she studies simultaneously at the Spanish School of PW and at DDI. She has a large experience working with groups at risk of social exclusion. Nowadays she is working as a therapist, social worker and group facilitator.

Gianfrancesco Sisto is an Italian man passionate about and challenged by his own and other people’s diversities. After 16 years in East-Africa he now lives in Brussels where he trains International groups. As a gay man he has grappled with sexual orientation dynamics. He practices as a supervised-psychotherapist. He is a member of the Order of Friars Minor.
Skype: giullare67 | gianfrancesco.sisto[at]gmail.com

Irina Feygina. Irina is a social psychologist working on climate change – understanding our diverse experiences and engaging people in mitigation and preparing for the impacts. She’s inhabited multiple worlds – working as a researcher and teacher in academia, on climate and energy issues in the federal government, now focused on climate communication. Her dream is to create facilitated spaces to experience, feel, process, and connect over the immense conflict that is climate change.

Jan Audrlicky. I am phase 2 student of diploma training in Czech Republic. I love creativity and versatility of processwork and its huge potential to facilitate world issues. My passion is also creating music. I work as head doctor in NGO psychiatric outpatient department focused on helping drug addicts and I am member of the crisis outreach team. I have a private psychotherapy practice.

Jake Roseman. I am a Phase 2 Student of the Diploma program in PW in Bratislava, Slovakia. I am excited about listening better to all the parts of ourselves. I am happy to live in central Europe, where it is easy to connect to many different international styles in a small geographical place. Most of all I am ecstatic I have a family where I found the opportunity to love and be loved.

Joanna Boj. I’m an advanced 2nd phase student, involved in process work since
2006. I mostly work as an individual therapist. I do my PW training in Poland but currently, I live in the UK. For my diploma thesis, I’m researching the concept of sexual fluidity and edges that surround it. I’m also interested in how individual psychology shapes global Processes.
joannaboj.com (English), pozaschematy.pl (Polish).

Judith Ward. I’m a Phase 2 Processwork Student in the UK, with a private practice which includes therapy, coaching, practitioner supervision and organisational consulting. My practice is based in London, my home in the North country. I am a gardener, textile artist and shamanic practitioner. In work and life I love to explore the bridges and borders which join and separate worlds.

Julia Wolfson , Ph.D.. I study with the global Deep Democracy Institute, applying Processwork in organisational facilitation, coaching and leadership. I am founder of Turning Forward, a network partner organisation active in companies, human service agencies and communities around the world. Our speciality is utilising the expertise of people on the margins, to attain self-powered lives in vibrant self-powered communities. I live in Australia.

Katerina Sideri. I was born in Athens. I have just graduated from the Processwork Institute in Portland, receiving my Diploma in Processwork. I also hold a BA in Graphic Design and a BSc in Statistics. During the last decade I have participated in various Processwork seminars internationally.

Lea Misan. Lea has a private practice in London. She set up Act for Change, a charity dedicated to research and interventions with young people and their families who have experienced trauma and social communication difficulties. She works mainly with women, families and their wider systemic interactions and is committed to supporting women to find and grow their voice.
www.leamisan.com | info[at]leamisan.com

Matus Bakyta. Hi, my name is Matúš, I come from Bratislava, Slovakia. I work as a psychologist in a primary school, I am also an activist, joker and percussionist. I fell in love with PW about 10 years ago when finally one «rational» attitude made sense to my sometimes «irrational» life experience. My long-term topic is how to combine innerwork/inner peace with activism.

Meni Mantzavrakos, MA, CSCS. Meni is passionate about the potential in all of us. As a coach and PWI graduate, he works with people to improve relationships and teamwork. He has a background as a strength coach in amateur sports and is co-founder of The Purpose of Sport Initiative (POSI), helping youth develop durable life skills for global citizenship.
www.rel8.ca | meni[at]rel8.ca

Michael Davidescu. is a candidate for a diploma in Processwork. He loves speaking foreign languages, composing music on the guzheng, and dancing contact improvisation. Michael is working on an interactive performance piece that integrates his research of the links between extreme states, marginalized dreaming, isolation, movement, creativity, and significant relationships. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon and has a private practice.

Mireia Parera Puigdomènech. Graduate in Environmental Sciences, I began to study and work in education for peace, group facilitation and conflict resolution since 2001. Since 2011 I’mstudying Process Work at the Instituto de Trabajo de Procesos y Democracia Profunda (Barcelona). I currently work facilitating in schools, organizations and events, and as a therapist. As well as offering training in this area. Especially I enjoy working with diversity and conflict resolution in groups; this connects me with my life myth. Recently i’m passionate about leadership and power.

Paola Esperson. Italian passionate teacher and researcher devoted to inclusion of diversities to promote peace. Phase 2 student in POP with RSPOPUK, PhD student at Anglia Ruskin University (UK) in «Music Therapy for peace», Paola is studying and researching to integrate levels and dimensions of her professional skills in education, special education, music and art therapy,core energetic, conflict facilitation.

Sergi Peix. Sergi is a passionate student from Barcelona cursing his Phase 2 studies. He has been part in programs about leadership. Having long experience been involved in projects around social justice, he’s actually working as therapist in a cooperative in Barcelona, and as facilitator, developing and collaborating in projects with Trans and Gender issues, Mental Health, Youth, Prevention of violence, and community building.

Slávek Keprt lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He is a phase 2 student from the Czech processwork school. A crisis-line worker, therapist, lector of personal development seminars and a hospice volunteer. A PhD student at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU).
www.processwork.cz | www.centrum-lavka.cz | boleslav.keprt[at]popoli.cz

Sonia Slany is a Phase II student practicing process work in London. She enjoys the discovery of meaning and soul that is therapy, and specializes in Symptoms work, issues around creativity, and terminal illnesses. Her life experience as a mother, a musician, and having had cancer, contribute to her client work. Her personal individuation path is around creative blocks, mothering oneself, not adapting and her relationship with the world.
www.processworkuk.org/students/sonia-slany/ | sonia[at]villagelife.co.uk

Veronika Pobehova. When I was 14, I was so in love with stories and history. Mostly I saw it as something good fighting towards something bad. I felt strongly that I want to fight for justice… Over the years my perception of the world got more open. I am tired to see how the dynamics of our society are repeating over the ages. And I don’t want to only fight. I want to speak, to hear, to understand. Consciously make relationships, where we can feel, share even strong feelings, bring differences and don’t feel ashamed for it. Be able to fight, without fight. Now I am phase II. student in Slovakia. I work as a psychologist in Bratislava. What I want to bring more to our lives is simple dance. I am starting woman’s groups of Alive Dance.


Born into a multiracial Black family, I grew up in the black community in Cleveland, Ohio, where race was my first language. I burned at the sheer weight of racial humiliation and common violence heaped on members of my community, my people, my family, based on the color of our skin. As a child of the 60’s, I watched the country explode over issues of race and I thought, “good” this was a long, long, time coming. Glad it’s happening. Wish there were more.

I went on to become the first college graduate in my family in 1980 when I graduated from Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio and in 1983, I graduated from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Law School was a step forward in my life-long commitment to work on and heal race issues. In the fall of 1989, I left Boston to become Director of Affirmative Action at the University of Oregon where I led the University on race/diversity issues.

In March 1991, just before my birthday, I walked into a Eugene, Oregon Astrologer’s office and saw on the bulletin board a flyer announcing a then two-week WorldWork program to be held in June 1991 in Waldport, Oregon. The words “Seeking Spiritual Warriors” caught my eye. I was stunned, giddy; this was clearly meant for me.

That year, my astrologer looked at my chart and said, “At a quick glance, it is clear you are here to heal the human family.” My life purpose affirmed, I gathered a dynamic group of students of color at the University of Oregon and in June 1991, we were off to Worldwork, where I met process community elders who are still today my family, my people.

As a member of the process work family, sitting in fishbowls with Arny, Amy, John Johnson and the entire process community, I healed myself of lifelong debilitating rage by sitting in the worldwork fire of race and diversity, focusing on my rage and burning my wood. As a result of burning my wood, all the way to ash, holding nothing back, I was transformed. While I am still fully committed to racial healing and transformation, the triggers that used to set me off every time, no longer tug me into the fire. Now, when I speak, I communicate by conscious choice.

Over the years, working with the process community on race, gender, class, rank and other Worldwork issues, I learned the importance of eldership and gratefully became a valued elder for the Process Work community. In 1993, I brought Arny and Amy for the first time to the University of Oregon where they facilitated a faculty-student standoff on race and gender. The Process community is my people, my family.

I left Oregon in 1995 to return to my Boston family to bring all I had learned from process work back to my East Coast world. And what a time it has been.

Always looking for a way to focus my intention on bringing spirit into matter, I found a Yoga and Meditation community where I focus my teaching on Yin Yoga, energetic inner awareness, Guided Meditation and movement of emotions. Yoga is my innerwork contribution to Worldwork. Through my yoga practice, I bring experience releasing rage and residual unprocessed emotion, which is the result of years of mental paralysis. Everyone has a constant flow of emotions, which remain stuck in the body until processed, allowing them to bring the message they came to bring and then allowing them their release.

I teach Yoga and Meditation at the be in union yoga studio in Somerville, MA. Through my yoga, I focus on movement of energy, innerwork, breathwork, asanas, and guided meditation, which helps us process out of our bodies any stuck fear, guilt, shame and other difficult emotions. This allows for self-healing, clarity, and even joy to fill our inner spaces and flow into our whole bodies and our lives.

Σε αυτό το τμήμα της ιστοσελίδας του Worldwork IAPOP θα βρείτε τις πληροφορίες για το σεμινάριο Worldwork 2017 που θα γίνει στην Ελλάδα, 23-28 Απριλίου 2017, μεταφρασμένες στα Ελληνικά.

Η ιστοσελίδα Worldwork IAPOP περιέχει και άλλα τμήματα τα οποία είναι γραμμένα στα Αγγλικά και τα οποία περιέχουν πληρφοροφίες για την Βαθιά Δημοκρατία και την Δουλειά με τον Κόσμο (Worldwork), για προηγούμενα σεμινάρια Worldwork, για πηγές (βιβλία, βίντεο, ακουστικά αρχεία, συνδέσμους) και για τρόπο επικοινωνίας